Mom on Food is an Insta-Column written by Julianne Gabert

Proving that dining out with little ones in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be stressful!
There’s no shame in taking your child to a restaurant, I just want to help you find one that is good for the kid and also meets your foodie standards.

This is a judgement-free zone, I will not tolerate negative comments or any mom-shame.

A few things I keep in mind while searching for the best places:

Highchairs – Looking for spots with highchairs in clean and safe condition
Vibes – The spots I will be showcasing are open-minded to a younger clientele, they should be friendly and welcoming. I’ll also be mentioning if they offer any entertainment for kids (coloring books, toys, etc)
Kids Menus – Although kids menus are becoming a thing of the past, I should still be able to find items that appeal to little one
Price – I will include a price for what I spent on the kids meal, this way you can determine if it’s in your budget
Changing Tables – I will note if the restaurant has one and what condition it’s in

Join me as I dine at the best restaurants for families and how to keep on having great dining experiences with my toddler!

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