Yuppie Moonshine Diary: Chapter 1 (Ginger Brandy + Vanilla Fig Bourbon)

My new obsession = Homemade Liqueurs & Alcohol Infusions
This is the result of a recent fascination with Discovery’s
“Moonshiners” + the discovery of some fabulous homemade liqueur recipes on
Pinterest. I’ve made Limoncello a couple times for Christmas gifts with much
success for very little effort so I’m back at it and upping my game.
4 oz. ginger, sliced thin + vanilla bean, split
add to 3 cups water, 2 cups sugar. boil then simmer, 20 min.
zest 2 oranges, add to sealable glass container
once cool, add ginger syrup to zest
add 3 cups brandy (I added 4, we’ll see how that goes), seal and shake.
place in a cool, dark spot.
still to do: 
remove vanilla bean on day 2
strain mixture through a coffee filter on day 3
taste on day 4!
1 pound fresh figs
750mL bottle bourbon
1 vanilla bean, split
figs are out of season so I’m trying dried, stems removed. we’ll see.
pour bourbon over figs and vanilla bean, seal.
place in a cool, dark spot.
still to do: 
check to see if it smells like figs on day 14. if it doesn’t, check again on day 21.
when it smells like figs, strain it through a small sieve and enjoy!
I’ll report back about how these concoctions turn out and share my favorite recipes to use them in. In the meantime, check out our Pinterest page for more liqueur & infusion inspiration!
November 25, 2012


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