My little sister just got married! (Congrats Lacey!!) The event brought me back to the Bay for an unforgettable day of fun and, of course, fabulous food.

Tea Room Café
316 Western Ave

Petaluma, CA 
An incredible breakfast kicked off the day’s events…
johnnycake – savory green chile & cheddar cheese corn cake

Their johnnycake is basically my dream version of corn bread – thin and crispy, full of flavor with the chiles. This should be on every breakfast menu, a perfect shared starter before your main course…

avocado omelet w/goat cheese, tomato & basil
roasted potatoes, toast w/homemade apricot jam
A perfect omelet. I’ve been here twice and ordered this both times. The goat cheese is fantastic. In fact, a helpful tip – if you’re in Petaluma, order anything with goat cheese. If there’s more than one item featuring this local delight, order them all!
Fast forward eight hours – laughs, toasts, makeup, dress up, photos, vows, rings, the kiss!, tears, smiles, more toasts – to dinner…
Sol Food – Puerto Rican Cuisine
901 Lincoln Ave
San Rafael, CA
baked chicken thighs marinated in oregano & garlic vegetable casserole  frijoles negros – black beans simmered with peppers, onions and cilantro habichuelas rosadas – pink beans stewed with herbs and Spanish olives mixed greens with lemon-garlic dressing steamed rice with Pique – homemade hot sauce maduros – the world’s most delicious sweet fried yellow plantains!
This is hands down the best wedding food I’ve ever tasted. Everyone was blown away, I can’t wait to visit their restaurant!
And, like every perfect day, it ended with something sweet. I’ve raved about Sift cupcakes here before but they deserve another mention for this adorable display.
The cake was their “Battle Royale” and the cupcakes are all on my favorites list from the previous post, including the “Stud Muffin.” Yes, my sister ordered the beer cake topped with bacon for her special day. That’s my girl!

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