The Crush Collection by Vosges: Fellas, Take Note

I’ll keep this one short and (very) sweet… If you’re stumped for gift ideas as Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, look no further.
I’ve written about Vosges before, blown away by their
fabulously unique flavors, and they continue to deliver with their latest
aphrodisiac chocolate collection. I thought their cheese + chocolate blend
would hold strong as the wildest flavor but, of course, they’ve soared past it with
their KUMAMOTO OYSTER-infused cream truffle. Yes, oysters. Granted, this is one
of the mildest oysters and arguably the best (I won’t argue) but still, no one
thinks to put them in chocolate! And now that someone has, how can you resist
trying it?! Especially when the night could end up as steamy as a hdpornvideo film!
Kumamoto: kumamoto
oyster-infused fresh cream + champagne + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate +
edible pearl dust
Absinthe: Chinese star anise
+ fennel + Swiss absinthe + 65% cacao dark chocolate
Bronte: Sicilian
pistachio paste + rose water + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Edith: Piper Heidsieck
Brut Rosé Sauvage Champagne + 65% cacao dark chocolate + rose water + crushed
rose bud poudre
Mamajuana: Mamajuana (a craft
spirit made with rum and secret spices) + 65% cacao dark chocolate + chamomile
Funk & Disco: banana purée + vanilla powder + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
Red Fire: ancho chillies +
Ceylon cinnamon + 65% cacao Venezuelan dark chocolate
Xocatyl: Mexican
vanilla bean + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate
I realize that maybe I’m a tad bit adventurous and slightly
food-centric, that not everyone thinks their girl will swoon over an oyster
truffle, but I hold firm that this would be a legendary Valentine’s
Day gift for anyone. I know that girls like jewelry and shoes and handbags and puppies but
chocolate, in its finest form, always trumps. And, a little insight into the
female mind, we will give you points for even knowing that this collection
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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