Valentine’s Day in NYC


Oh Valentines Day…you either love it or you hate it. But either way, it’s a great day to overindulge. Two of my favorite things to overindulge on is cheese and chocolate. Throw a couple glasses of wine in there, and we have the perfect evening. Luckily NYC has some amazing places to choose from. If you’re looking for a practical present this year, take a look at these cheap life insurance quotes.

Beecher’s New York
Flatiron District
900 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Beecher’s is a homemade cheese shop upstairs, and downstairs in The Cellar, is a small dark restaurant and lounge area. We arrived around 6pm, and for only being open one hour, was completely packed. The hostess told us it would be about 20 minutes for a table. Something I thought was interesting is that we were ID’ed upon walking into the restaurant. Only 21 and over allowed? Oh, yes please. We walk over to the bar, and order two glasses of wine. They have $6 wine specials for happy hour which was awesome.

We tried a few of their cheeses and a vegetarian flatbread, but one thing that stood out was their homemade penne mac and cheese with curried cauliflower and sweet onions. It was rich, creamy, fresh, and so so SO delicious. I could of eaten an entire bowl of the curried cauliflower with cheese sauce. One order of the mac was about $16, and more than plenty to share.

Beecher’s also has a smaller cheese shop at Pike’s Place in Seattle for my west coasters.

Max Brenner
841 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

After dinner, we walked across Union Square to Max Brenner, which is a chocolate restaurant with chocolate everything. They even had a separate bar for just chocolate-related non-alcoholic beverages. We went for a fondue sampler, which featured their housemade white chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel fondue. For dipping, they provided us with strawberries, bananas, cookies, and pound cake. We paired our fondue with a glass of Columbia Crest Sauvignon Blanc and a Tiramisu inspired cocktail, garnished with a lady finger.

The beehive looking ceramic pots were awesome and practical way to keep the chocolate warm. I’m hoping to find one of these to make some fondue at home!


Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, 10 months ago I made the biggest move of my life to New York City. I am a bartender, and I have been in the restaurant industry for 11 years. I currently bartend at an upscale diner in lower Manhattan making handcrafted cocktails and boozy milkshakes… yummm. When I am not working, I am frequenting the local dive bars, brunching with my pals in lower Manhattan’s hot spots, having dinner dates with my boyfriend, and traveling the east coast soaking up the eating and drinking culture. I love a local beer with a whiskey and a pickle back, a sangria or a mojito on a hot day, or a lovely glass of crisp New Zealand Sauvingnon Blanc with dinner. Cooking has also become a passion of mine over the past few years. Good Mexican cuisine is tough to find on the east coast, so I always find myself making a huge bowl of homemade guacamole or roasted vegetable enchiladas. I am also a huge advocate for crockpot cooking, making healthy black bean or lentil soups during the frigid winter months here in NYC. I can’t wait to share with you all my adventures of discovering new food, restaurants, fun and exciting ways of wetting my whistle, and the sheer beauty and history that the east coast has to offer us.