Cadaques: Tapas in Williamsburg

Off the Bedford stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn lies the most adorable cafe with prices you can’t beat.  Enchanting decor and chacki’s line the walls of this fresh air infused stop.
188 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
(718) 218-7776
Casquade’s quiet store front
Everyday they have a new special that will make this a sure fire must stop destination on anyone’s NYC tapa trail.  I happened upon their $1 oysters.
Happy Hour Pricing


Watch as my friend Katie Gray ogles over the picturesque oysters
My lady bro, Katie Gray was kind enough to accompany me.  Watch as she makes love to both the camera and the oysters.  Lately, I’ve been on a paleo kick so I stick to foods that the cavemen ate.  Obviously, Neanderthal men had endless stores of champagne which made it the perfect night to take advantage of their all evening long special of half off bubbly.
Casquade’s oyster were devine.  Fresh and light, all they needed was a quick spritz of lemon juice that created the perfect pairing with the champagne.
Serrano Ham
The serrano ham featured a bright smoky flavor.  Layer it with a cured pickle on bread for the perfect quick bite.
Bread, glorious bread
For carbohydrate fiends it’s a massive plus that they don’t skimp on the bread.  We ordered both the serrano ham and olive platter serving both pitted kalamata olives as well as a rich, creamy sharp olive puree slathered generously on crisp toast.
Olive Platter, black olive puree over toasted slices of country bread, seeded kalamata olives


One of the best features of Cadaques is that they are trailblazers in using The Cover App.  For those of you who don’t know what this amazing dining tool is-it’s easy to download and now no longer do you have to wait for the check.  As soon as you’re done with your meal having already created a table with your friends on the app, your server has linked everything!  No muss, no fuss, one click of the finger and you’re on your way.Monday through Thursday Cadaques is offering a special offer that if you use the Cover App, you get a complimentary tapa of your choice.  Not only can the foodie now step into the twenty first century but they get rewarded for it.  Not a bad deal at all.

If you’re looking for a laid back cafe featuring excellent nightly deals look no further, Cadaques is your choice.  Located conveniently down from the Bedford L, enjoy an evening stroll past some beautiful shops while you make your way along the city’s brilliant trail of tapa’s.

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Born in Virginia and raised on the mean streets of Garden City, Long Island, I’ve learned to appreciate any type of cuisine from a late night burrito and tatcho’s to a tasting menu and wine pairing. I’m a bit of an adventurer when it comes to food and am always up for an eating challenge where I can find one. I may or may not have eaten sixteen chili tacos to become “The Taco Queen” of a small hole in the wall Mexican eatery. I also couldn’t help myself from ordering whale in Oslo (please don’t tell Green Peace) and can’t resist a zany menu choice. A writer and performer, I like to pair my meals with a good play and you can find my reviews on New York Theatre Guide. Baking is a guilty pleasure and I’m constantly preparing confectionaries with surprises inside. I hope one day to compile all my recipes into one called “Get Stuffed”.I’m looking forward to the next culinary adventure I carve out and sharing them with you. I may just need to create an entire series devoted to “did they really just make this Asian/Mexican/Korean/Italian fusion a food truck?”. Cheers!

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    May 29, 2015

    Great information about the "Cover" App. The appetizers look amazing!