Going Bananas: Sacramento Banana Festival


Being a Sacramento native, I always get excited at the prospect of innovative eating around here, and news of the Banana Festival in the beautiful William Land Park caught my attentions.

Banana Festival



jill ZThis annual event was is on it’s 6th year and presented by Elmhurst Natural Banana Water. The event was full of art exhibits, musical performances, dance performances and even a fashion show. This festival benefits the National Athletic Youth Corps, which provides art and education in the Sacramento region.

Banana Festival 2

My husband and I got the Banana Steak Tacos and Banana Ginger Pudding. Surprisingly, my favorite part about the diverse array of flavors in the banana steak tacos was the scallions. The touch of scallion made all the difference. I love how little flavor additions can do that.





Banana Festival 4The Banana Ginger Pudding was rich enough to make you say “Mmm”, without making you feel sick, like richness can do. It was just the right amount of sweetness, and like I said, little flavor additions can make all the difference, and this was the case once again with the ginger.

Well done, Banana Festival. It was a pleasure to go bananas with you.


A lifelong foodie and experimental artist, food is probably one of my favorite things. Food is art in itself, whether nature-given or human-created, and when that art satisfies your tastebuds, it is a pleasure seeker’s dream come true. Although a Sacramento native (still trying to find the best of the best here), I spent some time living in San Francisco and India, which is (without a doubt) why healthy deliciousness, fair food and business practices, quality and authenticity (in ingredients, preparation AND presentation) and the words ‘spicy’ and ‘ethnic’ are important aspects of my foodie-ness. It is DEFINITELY possible to be madly in love with delicious food AND be healthy and beautiful. In fact, delicious food can MAKE you healthy and beautiful.