Nashville Taco Tuesday: Mas Tacos Por Favor


If you ask any local where to get the best taco in Nashville they might hesitate before they answer. They might look at you to determine if you are worthy. Because the best taco place in Nashville is just that, a local spot. It’s nestled in a cozy, sleepy neighborhood in trendy East Nashville, which is far from the neon signs and honky-tonks of touristy Nashville. But Mas Tacos is THE place, hands down, to get the best taco in Nashville.

Mas Tacos
732 McFerrin Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206


On the day my friend and I went for lunch it was rainy and gray in Nashville, and while days like this take an extraordinary amount of motivation to leave the apartment, it was Taco Tuesday and what more motivation does one need?

When you drive up to Mas Tacos you will wonder if you are even in the right spot, but the line out the door will confirm. Yes, you are indeed in the perfect spot. When you walk into Mas Tacos there is inside seating for about 50 and a cute little outside patio area for about 20 people. There are Christmas lights strewn on the ceiling and a mismatched bunch of tables and chairs. The menu is written on a chalkboard above the kitchen window, which doubles as the register. The kitchen is slightly bigger than a walk-in closet and had a staff of about five that you could watch assemble your lunch.

Inside1 Inside3





My friend and I both ordered the pulled pork taco, the fried Avocado taco, Elote and an order of fried sweet cream plantains.  Our food came in shifts, but our entire meal was ready in 10 minutes, which was surprising because we started standing in line outside the door.Food3

The Elote was sweet corn rolled in queso, spice, and lime. The summer corn was so fresh it tasted like it was just picked this morning. The sweetness and the spiciness mixed together like a perfect party in your mouth.


The braised pork and tomatillos taco was topped with cabbage and a spicy onion and yogurt sauce. The pork was tender and full of flavor; it tasted like it started slow roasting long before I even thought about opening my eyes this morning. As for the fried avocado taco, I think this might have been my favorite. The avocado was battered and then deep fried, it was not greasy and the avocado had a crunch before you got to the signature smoothness of eating a ripe avocado. It was topped with shaved cabbage and a spicy onion and dill yogurt sauce.



The plantains were also deep fried, soft, and so sweet that they were considered our dessert.

Our entire meal cost us $18.00 plus tip.  When we pushed our chairs way from the table we both declared ourselves stuffed and wondered why we didn’t come more often, like every Tuesday, and promised it would be a new tradition.

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    Yummmmm!! Gotta love the local & the price point. Note to self– visit to Nashville must include a Tuesday!