Ramen is usually associated with college and days with small bank accounts. However, at Daikaya in Washington, DC, you can find an assortment of Sapporo style ramen. Crowded with delicious noodles, vegetables, and meat, the broth bowls are served in heaping portions with a side of chopsticks and a big ladle spoon ready to help you slurp up the soupy goodness.

The flavorful broth and noodles were the stars of the soup. Photo: Sara Maldonado

Daikaya Izakaya
705 6th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Tucked away in a corner of Chinatown is the small, non-assuming restaurant. When you step inside, you are immediately greeted by a cheery wallpaper print and a friendly hostess. The restaurant has communal tables as well as more private booths making it a versatile location for different types of outings. However, if you are coming with a big group, make sure to arrive at a non-peak hour as the restaurant is popular and you may end up waiting a while for a table.

Daikaya is tucked away behind the Verizon Center in Chinatown. Photo: Sara Maldonado

I ordered the Shio Ramen which features a Chintan stock. The stock is made with chicken, pork bone, seaweed, dried fish, and other ingredients. I didn’t add in any special ingredients as I wanted to taste the dish without any extras. The broth was thicker and featured a more robust flavor than I expected. I was thankful to have the ladle to drink it up.

The noodles were by far my favorite part of the dish. They were hearty and cooked to perfection. They did not skimp on portions either. The soup had more than enough noodles to satisfy even the biggest noodle lover. The full-length noodles were a perfect pair to the stir-fried bean sprouts. The mix of crunchy and soft was delightful. I’m looking forward to visiting again!

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