Tongue Thai-ed: Original Thai BBQ in Las Vegas


What do you do when you find a Thai Restaurant in your new town that resembles the one from your hometown? I mean, what else CAN you do? I was going through Yelp yesterday morning, searching for a restaurant that had a quick take-out since my dad recently came to visit and wanted to relax at home. What I did not expect to find was a place that would bring a rush of nostalgia. And yes, we decided to dine-in.

Original Thai BBQ
2680 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 363-5800

Thai Original BBQ is located in a more questionable part of Las Vegas. However, that should not stop you from experiencing their amazing food and customer service! Even with only one waitress and one busser, they were able to provide exceptional service that was on par with some of the restaurants on the Strip.

Now, let me tell you what I got:

Chicken Pad Thai

You get the choice of adding pork, chicken, or shrimp. I decided to go with the chicken and it did not disappoint! The dish was wonderful. It was flavorful but not overwhelming. You can probably tell by the picture but the portions are decently sized!

BBQ Spare Ribs with Fried Rice

I apologize for the terrible picture but no photograph can properly illustrate how amazing the spare ribs tasted. I’ve heard people talk about meat that would fall off the bone but I’ve never experienced it until eating at this restaurant. The skin was burnt enough to make it crispy on the outside but still chewy and tender on the inside. On the side, the spare ribs were paired with their fried rice that simply complimented the savory ribs.

Overall, the meal was pretty good! During our time there, I did notice a good handful of people picking up their take-out. I’ll definitely be trying that next time!


So let me give you the basics- I was born in Taiwan, raised in the Philippines, and grew up in Los Angeles. I am currently living in Las Vegas, enjoying everything it has to offer on and off the Strip. I’m an aspiring event planner and a self-proclaimed fries connoisseur. But wait, did I mention I can’t cook? No matter where I’ve moved, I have always been spoiled with having good food around me. It’s hard to stay home when my stomach is itching for the next food adventure. From local boba joints to highly-rated celebrity chef restaurants, it’s hard to resist going out to eat when I know there’s an endless amount of possibilities out there! So follow along with me as I explore the foodie paradise that is Las Vegas!

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    October 11, 2015

    OMGAWWWWWD! I can’t wait to try. Soooo good. I love spare ribs! Thanks for the recommendation.