Sweet Cupcake O’ Mine: Mix Cupcake Co. in Reno, NV


Guns N’ Roses aren’t the only ones who had something sweet to sing about. Today I had a total case of the “blahs”. I had no enthusiasm for life whatsoever, which is until I pulled in to the parking lot of Mix Cupcake Co. this afternoon.

Mix Cupcake Co. 
655 Booth St.
Reno, NV 89509


I am throwing my staff a party for all their hard work during our very busy Hot August Nights week last week, and really wanted to treat them to something special. Yes, I could have went to the store and bought Betty Crocker mix and made everyone little cupcakes, but I wanted to truly show my appreciation and give them a taste of the “Ritz Carlton” of cupcakes.

I placed an order with Mix Cupcakes on Monday, and asked it be ready for Wednesday.  The ordering process is a breeze; I was done in about 5 minutes. When I walked in, it was a smell of sweets, and well…really delicious things that absolutely cannot be explained, only experienced.

Mary, the owner, greeted me. I gave her my name and she pulled all my beautiful cupcakes out of the dessert case. They were packaged very carefully, waiting for my arrival. Each individual cupcake was given so much attention and detail. Typically, when I decorate, the first 5 look amazing, and the other 7 get a smear of frosting and a dab of sprinkles. Oh, not these.

I ordered Lemon Blueberry, Red Velvet and Triple Chocolate. There was a blueberry perfectly nestled in the frosting on each cupcake. The red velvets had little chocolate chips strategically placed to tease your eyeballs on top a bed of cream cheese frosting, and the triple chocolate had ripples of fudgy frosting just waiting to be dug in to.


I felt a rush of excitement run through me. Something finally woke me up out of my funk and it was Mary’s cupcakes. I walked over to her display case, and picked out two more cupcakes. One was a “Monkey Business” that was a banana cake with vanilla bean frosting and butterscotch on top with a crispy pretzel. *Drooling* The other was a chocolate with cherries that I knew would give me the title of “Wife of the Year” for bringing one extra home for my husband. I paid, and walked briskly to the car to get headed home so I can indulge.

As I was walking to the car, I opened the door, but noticed one of the boxes starting to slide. It was a quick decision between my finger smashing in the ginormous door, or the cupcakes on the ground. I chose the finger option because there was no way that I was letting these cupcakes hit the pavement. Lets look at the bright side here; it wasn’t the finger I use to hold the cupcakes, so it’s all good. Best finger smashing ever!

The drive home was fierce. I drove 55 on the freeway the entire time so I wouldn’t have to ever slam my brakes on and risk the cupcakes flying across the car seat. I apologize to all the drivers in Reno for my sluggishness. I even got flipped off once, but I let it go because I knew I was going to get a cupcake when I got home and they weren’t. That was more satisfaction to me than my usual rolling back the sunroof and towering my arm up to flip them off in return.

I am convinced nothing at this point can bring me down from this new high I was experiencing.

I got home, kicked my shoes off, (Sorry Lola, my 3lb yorkie ran in the crossfire and may have caught the tail end of my shoe flying across the room) and immediately ripped open the perfectly folded white box which, held my Banana cupcake. I looked it over very closely, did a photo shoot more detailed than any NY Model has ever experienced, and then laid on the couch with my feet up and experienced the 8th wonder of the world. I am not going to try to describe my experience, because it cannot be described, only experienced. But if you forced to me describe in two words, they would be… Illegally Delicious.


Normally, I would feel guilty and run an extra mile or do a bonus round of Jillian Michaels. Today though, I don’t want to work it off. I am proud to wear that cupcake on my ass and I hope it stays there for a long time. Think of it this way, it’s free advertisement for Mix Cupcake Co. Maybe, Mary should come out with a line of yoga pants that have their logo across the ass, with a slogan that says, “I wear my cupcake proudly!”

I know, for those of you reading this with your mouth watering, but you don’t live in Reno, don’t worry! You can browse their online shop at http://www.renocupcakes.com/onlineshop/ and find something for yourself!

My day is complete now and Reno Tastebuds got her groove back!

In the tune of  “Sweet Child of Mine” –

She’s got cupcakes it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was so fresh I thought I could cry
Now and then when I see this place
It takes me away to that special place
And if I’d stare too long
I’d probably break  down and buy

Oh, Oh Oh, Sweet Cupcake O’ mine

Oh, Oh Oh, Sweet love O’ mine.


My passion for good eats and restaurants started when I was 5 years old. Yes, you read that correctly, 5. My grandparents were my foundation and always enjoyed everything from a good ‘ole hole in the wall burger to seared octopus at the San Francisco Ritz Carlton. Of course, they always brought along yours truly, and I believe they had no idea what kind of foodie fanatic they were creating. Our family restaurant was always, “Original Joe’s” in downtown San Jose. The waiter would kindly ask what I would like to eat, (expecting me to order something like a child’s sized spaghetti like the rest of my cousins) and I would very confidently state, “I would like a New York steak, rare, with seasonal vegetables and a baked potato with sour cream and chives, please.” My Grandpa would always laugh and tell the waiter, “She better marry someone with money, this girl is expensive!” Later in life, the fire for food that burned inside me grew into a full on blaze. I started off in the restaurant business and worked every single position that exists. With dedication and a strong desire to succeed, I soon grew to be a professional chef. I absolutely loved watching people enjoy the meal I put in front of them. I loved seeing families laugh and create memories over a heart felt meal that I had prepared. The intensity of the kitchen, the plating, the perfection of timing in bringing a dish all together was a rush that I craved on a daily basis. After 8 years, I did decide it was time to keep my passion alive through my family and friends, so here I am! Thankfully, I have had the blessing of living and experiencing great culture. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area with hanging chickens on the streets, eventually moving to the beautiful city of Chicago with my husband for a short stint only to settle in the Biggest Little City aka Reno, NV with Lake Tahoe as my back yard to play in. I have experienced everything from Alligator in the back woods of Florida, deep dish pizza in Chicago, to Escargot right here in Reno. I also spend a lot of time in Lake Tahoe finding the local hot spots and lounging on the beach. I’m looking forward to bringing you exciting, witty yet genuine reviews right here from the Reno/Lake Tahoe area! Check out my blog Reno Tastebuds.