I am going to start this review off by admitting I have an unhealthy addiction to this funky, unique breakfast joint. I literally just told my husband this morning if I had to choose between a knock out sex crazed bikini body or the eggs benny that Squeeze In puts out, you would find me sitting in Heidi’s section eating my eggs benny in my yoga pants with yolk stains smeared across my cheeks.

Squeeze In
5020 Las Brisas
Reno, NV 89523

We just recently discovered this place a few months ago. We see the lines packing out of the place every weekend and decided we should wait it out and see what all the fuss was. Bobby Flay threw down with their owner and Squeeze In was featured on the Food Network…that’s huge for Reno.

squeeze in1The first time we ate here, Heidi was our server and she was very informative giving us a tour of the menu and sharing what dishes were guest favorites. I ordered the chocolate covered bacon, (because who wouldn’t order that to try it?!?) and a Nebraska Rae omelet which had cream cheese, avocado and bacon all blanketed inside the fluffy egg. The coffee was really good, (you can’t have a breakfast joint with crappy coffee) and the atmosphere was upbeat and friendly.

***This is where the addiction begins***

Very shortly after that first visit, I had this craving for the restaurant. Not necessarily for the food, but for the experience they give you when you are their guest. Hubs and I showed up again, waited in line, and were sat in Heidi’s section again. Now lets talk about Heidi…

Heidi is a very friendly, upbeat server who works her tail off. She is always on top of the service she provides to you and makes sure your coffee cup never goes empty. She provides recommendations based on what you like, and makes you feel like you are an ole’ timer every time you walk in by greeting you by name. Heidi is to the service industry as Jane Fonda was to aerobics in the 80’s. Her performance is tight, on point and is always flashing a smile while providing satisfactory results.

Ok, back to the visit. I was really craving some egg’s benedict, and was eyeballing the veggie benny. I asked her opinion on it, and she told me it’s good, but really good if you add bacon to it. Done. Shortly after, it arrived. (Insert angels singing) The eggs benedict I have searched for all my life. Here were two very large and tasty English muffins, toasted to pure perfection. Not burnt, not soggy, but crisp with an outer browning on the edges. The butter just melted right into those little nook and crannies and if it couldn’t really get any better, it does. There is cream cheese slathered from east coast to west coast. On top, sits three bouncy, perfectly rounded poached eggs smothered with hollandaise that has just the right touch of lemon juice, fresh tomatoes, gently wilted spinach, avocados and the bacon I had added. On the side, there are crisp potatoes served “Otis Style” with onions and cheese. I know you are trying to imagine this, but you really just have to experience it for yourself.


The staff all works together in perfect unison like a carefully led orchestra. They all have each other’s back, and you can tell each one is carefully focused on providing the best guest service they possibly can.

I am so grateful to have such a dynamite breakfast place like this to roll in to every weekend. The staff, food and atmosphere is an all around top notch establishment and I urge you to experience it for yourself. Paris may have Maxim’s, Birdlands to NY, but Reno has Squeeze In and I am damn proud of it! Feel free to say hi if you ever stop in…I am the one along the wall in the yolk stained yoga pants with the veggie bacon eggs benny!
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