Trick or treat! Smell our feet! Give us something good to eat! It’s our favorite time of year when things get a little spooky and kooky. Below are our favorite traditional candies that made our Halloweens extra special:

It’s no secret that I have an insatiable sweet tooth. As a little kid, I looked forward to Halloween every year, because I knew that at the end of the night I’d be toting home a pillowcase full of candy goodness.

kit kat

While I love M&Ms and Skittles just fine, amongst a few other confectionary concoctions, the Kit Kat is the number one contender for my favorite Halloween candy. It’s the perfect Halloween candy. It comes wrapped in an orange wrapper, somewhat of a similar orange that a pumpkin would have. When you bite into it, the chocolate is smooth and warm, and the wafers crunch in between your teeth like autumn leaves when you walk on them. I don’t know what it is about those chocolate covered wafer rectangles that I love so much, but you can always break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

candy cornWhen it comes to candy, I definitely don’t discriminate, but in October, there is only one candy for me and that is candy corn. I can credit that to my mother, who is just as obsessed as I am, even including it in her candy bar at her wedding in JULY (hey, it was orange and yellow themed, how could we not?). These little guys are quite the divisive candy, with most thinking I’m absolutely insane for loving it, and everyone else taking heaping handfuls from my bag when I’m not looking. Imagine my excitement when I found them miniature! Everyone knows everything is better when it’s mini, and the same goes for candy corn, mostly because it means I can eat about a thousand of them with less guilt. To be perfectly honest, the only difficult part of doing Whole 30 for the month of October was not popping candy corn in my mouth the entire month, and I can’t wait to eat an entire bag for breakfast the second it’s over!

Who doesn’t feel like a kid at Halloween? Dressing up. Make believe. And CANDY!!!   They even call it “fun size”, because it’s fun!

bonnie candy

I rarely get trick or treaters, although I’m always prepared with candy…..uh, because some little waif might come a-knockin’ at my door. Sure, that’s why.

Naturally, I stock up on my favorites – no point in wasting perfectly good candy. This year I’m limiting myself to only one bag (albeit the largest one they had…you know, just in case we get a mob), so I had to pick amongst the many.

As an actress who is always watching my weight, I chose M&M Peanuts. There’s a peanut in every candy, and peanuts are healthy. And that peanut takes up the space that sugar and fat would, so they’re good for you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This one is a hands down no brainer. Any candy bar that has existed for years with the sweet slogan “nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger” and spent several years being promoted by The Simpsons is aces in my book. I vividly remember an adolescent Megan Lohne poking through the contents of her neon orange plastic pumpkin past the snickers, over the dots, through an endless supply of stale tootsie rolls until with a grandeur unmatched lifted the peanut butter and chocolate goodness and proceeded to chew as the gooey flakes would stick to my teeth like gum to the bottom of a an overzealous shoe. Lolling my tongue around to capture the moment, it was a Halloween treat of note that I would look forward to each and every trick-or-treat season. And I do say, it was glorious.


Did I mention in my old age-this nostalgic nosh also makes a killer cream pie? Don’t take my word for it…..get out the kitchen aid and give it a whirl.

reno candyEvery year, my mom would give us pillow cases and we would attack the neighborhoods for hours and hours collecting treats. We would yell in our loudest voices possible, “TRICK OR TRRRRREAT”, collect and move our asses to the next house. My mom would be at the end of the drive way telling us not to be shy and say it louder. We were maniacs.

As soon as we got home we would dump all the candy out in piles on the floor. My sister, brother and I would be careful not to mix our candies, and then the trading began. Mom always swooped in and grabbed our Almond Joys and then disappear for about 10 minutes. Oh Mom!

So the topic this week is what our favorite Halloween candy is and mine is all of them. Over the past week I sat and contemplated, but cannot choose simply one candy. I love them all and will continue to put myself in a sugar shock every single year.

There is one thing I always wanted to say to the entire world when I was growing up and here’s my shot… To all the dentists out there who leave their porch lights on, STOP GIVING OUT RAISINS, TOOTH PASTE AND TOOTH BRUSHES! LET US HAVE OUR FUN!

But I love raisins and toothpaste. :(….

Kidding. I was all about the “fun size” Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I’m a little weirded out cause I just got back from CVS to discover they’re now being referred to as “snack size” what gives? I preferred “fun size”, it made me feel like I was eating something exciting. I guess times change, but the delicious peanut butter cup of my childhood never will. Venice doesn’t get a lot of trick or treaters so I guess I’ll hand out Reese’s to the homeless people this year.


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