Cold Water Brewery – South Lake Tahoe, CA


Cold Water Brewery and Grill
2544 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


Shame on me! I have been to enough breweries and even worked for a few that always seem to be pretentious and snotty. At Cold Water Brewery, I was thrown completely for a loop, in a positive way!

Upon entering, the facility is extremely tidy and clean with kegs out front and unique hand painted “Rules” sign that keep everyone on the same page. We were greeted instantly by a server who seemed very busy but took the time to stop, greet us and ask if we had a seating preference. It was nice, he could have very easily acted too busy to acknowledge us and continue with his task, but he didn’t.  He brought us menus and told us our server; Ramsay would be right with us.

As we were glancing over the menu, we noticed the atmosphere was lively, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their company and food. You will find an eager staff proudly making suggestions of their best dishes and brews. Their upbeat attitudes vibe throughout the brewery. They have big flat screen TV’s everywhere and being today was Sunday, of course, football was on.

IMG_2386Our server Ramsay came over to greet us and introduce himself. He took our order promptly and helped my husband with his beer selection, and me with my lunch entrée. I was torn between a grilled chicken sandwich with gouda cheese and the Fish N Chips. Ramsay put a spin on both scenarios, after careful deliberation, I chose the Fish n Chips.

The brewery started to fill up and the staff quickly adjusted to the busy pace. Our drinks never went empty, and the service was always prompt. The entrees came out in a timely manner, and they were eye candy! The Fish N Chips were accompanied by parmesan truffle fries that were rich and flavorful. The Fish N Chips were lightly battered in their Rye beer and then fried lightly to a perfect crisp. They were not greasy at all! The cod was fresh and flaky inside. The flesh was firm, but not overdone by fryers. The tartar sauce had to be homemade. It was creamy and chunky with dill and pickle and of course, a big lemon wedge and bottle of malt vinegar joined our party.
IMG_6918-e1449116053805I was in taste bud bliss. The textures were right, they weren’t soggy and off. The aroma was a teaser, as it should be and the flavors married beautifully on my palette. I was sure of one thing; this Brewery was a fresh catch that everyone MUST know about! FOOD! SERVICE! FLAVORS! FRESH! What more could you ask for?

If you are passing through South Lake Tahoe, live in Reno, or are up for a day drive to get some fantastic grub, I strongly urge you to make your way over to Cold Water Brewery….you will not be disappointed!
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