A Sweet Peek: Sweetery Toronto Food Festival


Hey Foodie Fam!

Toronto is in full festival swing! As you probably know, Canada spends majority of the year in the Winter season. So when Summer comes around the food festivals come out shining! Majority of these festivals are savoury based but here comes a sweet take on things! The 2nd Annual Sweetery Toronto Food Festival, 8/20-8/21 is taking place at the David Pecaut Square and it a FREE EVENT!


Sweetery Toronto is the first of its kind in the city, offering guests a chance to explore the confectionery world that Toronto has to offer. Not only will there be various food vendors and there will be activities where guests are given the opportunity to test their skills. The small donations that guests give for the activities will benefit Second Harvest, “the largest food rescue program in Canada.” Sweetery Toronto also benefits George Brown College Post Graduate Pastry program by allowing its students this opportunity to showcase their own French pastry creation for their final evaluation.

Eva's Original Chimney

This year’s returning vendor! Eva’s Original Chimney provides freshly baked donut cones (you get to watch them spin around as they cook!) filled with locally sourced ice cream.

There is a list of vendors that I am excited to check out and there will lots more of surprises! This is a FREE EVENT so definitely take some time out of your weekend to enjoy the downtown core, sunshine and lots and lots of sweet treats! See you there!

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