Corner Table
4537 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409

If you know me well, you know my running restaurant list. My must tries of the week and those options that have been on there for far too long. One of those options just had to come off my list last weekend. It was finally time I got myself into Corner Table.

Corner Table is one of those restaurants in Minneapolis with a cult following, a celebrity following even. They have taken that following and opened other spots, like one with three hour long lines for a table. Three hours well worth it. You won’t even remember the wait after eating there. So as you can tell, the anticipation for my trip to Corner Table had been building and building. I was so ready.

Upon arrival, the space made me feel like I was walking into an elegant but cozy home. The funky wallpaper, the trays lining the tops of the walls, the deep wood of the tables, and the lively chatter of patrons enjoying the view from the bar into the kitchen; all made me feel like magic was about to happen. My anticipation was totally at its peak.

As we looked over the menu, our server clued us into the off menu cheddar drop biscuits. Apparently, the biscuits were previously a menu stable, then removed and still so popular, that they are still made every day. I mean who would I be if I did NOT order them!


Holy cheesy, flaky, doughy goodness. I considered ordering more to go… We ordered these with our main course, and I may have finished mine before even trying my entrée!

Our first starter had to be the heirloom BLT salad with crispy ham, goat cheese fonduta, and sherry.  Summer does not last long in Minnesota, and I just have to get my heirloom tomato fix. The tomatoes were like candy; there was a crunch from the crouton and saltiness from the goat cheese. I think our server caught me scraping the plate.


Next up was the barbeque duck leg with corn cake and green garlic slaw. The plate itself was beautiful; the sauce had just the right amount of tang and the meat was juicy and tender. I could shed little happy tears over this duck leg. Do not overlook this when ordering your meal.


For my entrée, I went with the green garlic crusted halibut with baby leeks and black truffle fondue. My tears of joy could just continue throughout this meal. I mean the crust on this halibut was just heavenly. Just look at that golden color. The best piece of halibut I have ever eaten.


My dining partner ordered the pappardelle with duck heart ragu and wild mushrooms. The pappardelle was a bowl of earthy, meaty, rich pasta perfection. If you are looking for that perfect “savoriness,” you’ll find it in this dish.


I had the highest anticipation and expectations when walking in. I left with those just blown out of the water. It was a total sin for me to wait so long before trying Corner Table. It will not be so long before my second trip.

If you are in Minneapolis, you must try Corner Table. I’ll join you 🙂

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