Join Us at Taste of Tribeca This Weekend!


This Saturday, May 20th, the 23rd annual Taste of Tribeca will take over the streets of downtown Manhattan for one of my favorite food fests of the year! The annual gastro get-together benefits local public schools by bringing together the area’s top chefs for a day of pure indulgence and stuffing your face. I mean what’s better than food, fun and philanthropy?

This year, I’m super excited to chow down until I fall down. With bites from places like Bouley Restaurant, Bubby’s Tribeca, Duane Park and Tribeca Grill, no wonder this is a fave among the NYC foodie masses.

Chef Scott Burnett of Tribeca Grill – Image Courtesy of Taste of Tribeca

Tribeca Grill Dining Room Credit: Evan Sung

And I even got an extra special advanced treat this year – I got to sit down with one of this event’s favorite culinary masters, Chef Scott Burnett of Tribeca Grill, for a “taste” of what to expect.

Tribeca Grill is considered one of the golden restaurants and has been participating with Taste of Tribeca every year since the fundraiser started 23 years ago (in 1994).

Why did you decide to participate in Taste of Tribeca?

Tribeca Grill opened in 1990, 27 years ago, and  is one of the restaurants that helped establish the Tribeca neighborhood. The Grill has participated in Taste of Tribeca from the very beginning, to support the local schools, and to help foster a sense of community.

What is your favorite thing to eat that isn’t on of your creations?

I have a diverse palate and like to eat many different things. A simple roast chicken at home always satisfies.

If you could go anywhere in the world for a culinary experience, what would it be and why?

I’m intrigued by the idea of going to Morocco and North Africa. I love the spices and herbs that are part of the cooking there. 

What inspired you to become a chef?

I grew up in a restaurant family, and started working at many different tasks at a young age. I enjoy cooking in a business that extends hospitality, so it’s a very natural and satisfying career for me.   

What’s your favorite item?

We’ve just started offering Fried Calamari coated with Masa, that’s gluten-free. It’s a very tasty dish. 

Besides your items, are there any special foods that you’re excited for at Taste of Tribeca?

I know that our sister restaurants Bâtard and Nobu Downtown are going to have great choices, and I’m looking forward to meeting our neighbors and fellow chefs. I know that there is going to be a lot of creativity on the plate!

Join me in sampling the best dishes in town to support the arts and enrichment programs at local schools! Tickets are $45 and on sale now at

Each tasting ticket includes six food tastes from any of the participating restaurants, a beverage and two pours of beer or cider. Tickets will also be available full price on the event day ($55).



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