My Favorite Nashville Farm-to-Table Spot: EiO and the Hive


I have found my personal heaven on earth in EiO and the Hive. Owner and Wellness Entrepreneur, Jennifer Masley, has brought her expertise and poured it lovingly into every square inch of this restaurant. She focuses on local and sustainable products, keeping a healing, worldly menu for us to enjoy!

Along with Jennifer is Chef Dale Levitski. From competing on Top Chef to working in some of the finest restaurants in Chicago and now Nashville, I am so excited to have him in my neighborhood!


One of my favorite features of this new hot spot is that EiO has a small farm with veggies, bees and chickens. The plan is to start doing education and private meals in the garden.

EiO and the Hive
5304 Charlotte Ave, Nashville TN, 37205

From the outside, you can tell you’re about to walk into an oasis from the craziness of Charlotte Ave. Once inside, you’re greeted with the most inviting and adorable decor, as well as divine aromas from the kitchen. There’s a large variety of pre-made take away foods from salads to chia puddings, as well as merchandise from various local artisans. The menu is full of foods for everyone to enjoy. Each item is clearly marked with allergen information which is perfect for someone like me with a gluten intolerance. There’s also a large variety of juices, smoothies, and elixirs to give you healthy a boost, a full bar, and a sweet “Rugrats” menu for the little ones!

Beautiful interior!


I ordered the Chopped Salad which comes with roasted tomatoes, charred scallions, chickpeas, radishes, cucumbers and a delicious tamari lime vinaigrette. Two things I get nervous about when ordering salads is that it won’t be big enough and that it will be overdressed. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case here. There is an option to add protein to the salads, but I wanted to save room for dessert!

My friend ordered the meatless Reuben with a side of potato salad. The Reuben is made with tempeh, kohlrabi, carrot slaw, swiss, and special sauce in between amazing rye bread!

The Matcha Panna Cotta topped with berries and peaches was the perfect summer dessert. The blackberry jam, blueberries, and peaches added the right amount of sweetness and tart flavors to balance out the creamy panna cotta. Matcha flavor came through just enough to give it a unique flavor profile as well as giving it a beautiful pale green color. With all of the food we ordered the portions were filling, the flavors were right on, and the atmosphere took it all to the next level of enjoyment!

Macha Panna Cotta

I have a feeling EIO is here to stay. Not only because of its wonderful food but because they are focused on improving our community. From yoga in the parking lot to future plans for education in the garden, they are just what we need to bring our sweet little city to the next level! I’ve always dreamed that Nashville would turn into a progressive big city with small town charm and seeing places like this open makes my heart smile!

Isabel S.

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