Weekly Wanderlust 7/14/17: Omakase at Kru in Sacramento, Nashville Fall Wine Festival, Hopdoddy’s Impossible Burger and Cristina’s Hojaldres de Nutella


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Julianne here:

I recently visited my mom back home in Sacramento, and I finally decided to make a stop into Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine. Back when I lived in midtown Sacramento, I often dined at the original Kru location (at that time it was on J street… I’m talking 2007), and I was excited to check out the new location in East Sacramento on Folsom Blvd.

The new location is quite spacious, with multiple seating options for diners; bar seating, dining room seating, patio seating, sushi bar. I was a little shocked at how big of a space the new venue is. I’d describe the previous location as “hugable” whereas this location feels more “big time”.

Sushi Chef Ricky Yap

Good things come to those who wait, and I have been waiting a long time to taste Kru’s Omakase, so the day finally came for me! I sat at the sushi bar, and Sushi Chef Ricky Yap guided me through this smorgasbord of special appetizers, sashimi, and nigiri with a couple of wagyu steak dishes.

Kumamoto Oyster with Caviar and a Mountain Peach

My favorites were the Uni Panna CottaSturgeon Trio (see featured image up top sturgeon nigiri topped with a sturgeon chicharrón and caviar), Sawara, (Spanish mackerel) and the Kamasu (Barracuda).

Priced at $125 per person, I consider this to be a steal, especially compared to my usual LA outings. For booking info, check out their site here.

Nashville Wine Festival’s Fall Wine Festival
At City Winery

609 Lafayette Street, Nashville, TN 37203

Isabel here: I love summer as much as the next girl but, around this time of year, when the humidity is sickening, and it’s 95 degrees outside, I start to dream of cool fall days! Fall means, scarves, hot cider, warm soups and best of all Nashville Wine Festival’s Fall Wine Festival, at City Winery, Saturday, September 9th, 12pm-4pm.

This event will have a huge selection of over 50 wines for tasting.

Wine Fest will be the perfect girls day or day date with your honey to kick off Fall 2017! I hope to see you there for great food, delicious drinks, and fun music!

Ticket price includes admission, a live DJ, souvenir wine glass, and all Tennessee Brew Works beer and wine samples! Tickets are sold exclusively through Nashville Wine Festival and can be purchased on their website here.

Dawn here: I have heard all the hullabaloo about The Impossible Burger at participating Hopdoddy Burger Bar locations… both good and not so good. Impossible Foods has teamed up with Hopdoddy for this concoction, made from wheat, coconut oil and potatoes. The secret ingredient is heme. Heme mimics all the characteristics that make a burger a burger. Heme has the ability to smell, sear, bleed and, most importantly, taste like a burger.

I ordered the burger and waited at the table. The server brought the burger to the table and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no way this was not beef. NO. WAY. I mean look at that patty. I cut that baby open and it looked just as good on the inside. The patty had a good char on it was served with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, mayo-horseradish honey-mustard sauce on a brioche bun. The great thing was the patty itself had a good taste and smell all on its own. All the fixings were a bonus.

Bottom line: the impossible just became possible. I will absolutely eat one of these burgers again.

One qualifier…this burger is vegetarian; not vegan or gluten-free.


Cristina here: I understand baking can be scary for some people but believe me this recipe is not overwhelming at all. Plus everything is store bought, so you get to have fun with the ingredients. 

Cristina’s Hojaldres de Nutella

1 kilo of puff pastry dough (store bought is fine)


1 egg 

Butter spray


Powdered sugar for a garnish

Berries for garnish

Preheat oven to 350.

Take the puff pastry and roll it out until it’s medium thin. Then cut it in long triangles. Add 1 tablespoon of Nutella in each triangle, then roll it out into a cylinder shape. Then roll it again in order to make it round like a donut but without a hole.

Add some butter spray and flour to a baking sheet and place your rolls onto the sheet with space to bake.

Brush the rolls with a liberal amount of egg wash. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until they look golden and crisp. Decorate with berries and powdered sugar like the picture, it also goes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy! 

Stay tuned for next week when we feature a recipe by RenoTasteBuds and a bubbly affair in California.


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