I love home brewers. They’re a fascinating breed and they
throw great parties – like this one! There were five brews on tap and several
growlers being passed around.

I sampled three but I’m not really a beer girl, mostly go for the
fruity varieties like Kasteel Rouge, so I won’t be reporting back
about that part except to say that the Pumpkin Ale was fantastic! I will share
my contribution to the party though, some beer-friendly noshes…
Soft Pretzels
These are a bit challenging and time consuming but you’ll
feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you’re done. Plus, everyone will be
very impressed with you. I’ve made them twice so the recipe is solid but I will
offer one piece of advice: Make it easy on yourself and skip the twists, go for
bites instead. They take much less time, are adorable, and they’re the perfect
party finger food!


Cheddar Beer Soup
This soup is dangerously good. I recommend making it for a
party so you won’t tempt yourself with the leftovers. It does have veggies
(carrots, celery, leeks) in it but it’s mostly whole milk, beer and cheese. And
then you top it with bacon. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.
The photo doesn’t do it justice but this is the way I
recommend serving it up. The Crock-Pot keeps it warm all night and cups mean no
spoons are necessary. Drink up!


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