Nashville Eats: City House

Juno – Junipero Gin, Blanc Vermouth,
Prosecco, Grapefruit
When I first started traveling to Nashville for work I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It’s not exactly a “foodie” city and I’m not a country music fan. Two strikes. It did surprise me though. First, you have to love a city with live music at the airport. Second, you have to love a city where cute, gentlemanly boys can refer to you as “sweet love” and it’s charming, not offensive. (West Coast Boys: This is not recommended, possible drink-in-the-face results.) And the final thing that made me do a complete 180 on this city was the discovery of one of my favorite restaurants in the country…
City House
1222 4th Ave N.
Nashville, TN 37208

Reservations are recommended but if you show up and there’s a long wait, sit it out at the bar and enjoy one of their fabulous cocktails! They are all incredibly intriguing and fun but my favorite is the “Juno.” Close runners up include the “Bandit” (Averna, Grapefruit Juice, Ginger Ale, Lime) and the “Moose” (Cynar, House-Infused Lemon Vodka, Peach Bitters, Bitter Lemon Soda).

Frico – Montasio Cheese, Potato
It’s a shared plates type of dining experience and they’re all good so you can’t really go wrong but I feel compelled to share the staple items we just can’t bring ourselves to skip no matter how many trips we make back here. The “Frico” above is the first and simplest dish, cheese on potatoes, but it’s not to be taken lightly. The seven year old inside you will scream with delight at the first bite. My feeling, you have to admire a restaurant of this caliber serving fried cheese with confidence.
House Made Garlic Sausage, Lemon, Red Onion, Parsley – with Cheesy Grits
Another favorite is their sausage – always different, always incredible. It comes with your choice of sides and while all have sounded great we always seem to go with the cheesy grits. Without regret.
Pizza – House Made Belly Ham, Mozzarella, Grana Padano, Oregano, Chilies – with a Sunny Side Egg
When you’re scanning the menu choose your pizza first, it’s what they do best. Then factor in the egg you’ll have to add on top because, trust me. And build the rest of your menu around that. The egg option isn’t on the menu, you have to ask. Definitely ask.
With one more trip out on my calendar I’m looking forward to finally trying out their “Sunday Supper,” a special menu designed to test out new dishes. I’m especially intrigued by the entire section labeled “Pork Snacks”! Oh City House, you get me.


I’m a good cook and a better baker but my borderline unhealthy obsession with dining out tends to keep me out of the kitchen. I absolutely love discovering new restaurants and devouring all the best they have to offer. Here I’ll share my best finds and hopefully hear yours, all in an effort to add to my ever-expanding-and-contracting culinary bucket list.