Gimme Shelter: The Shelter Lounge in Seattle


Before I even knew what the Shelter Lounge was, I could tell it was the place to be.

I saw the new restaurant for the first time just a few days after it opened. Already, it was filled with patrons who looked like they had claimed their stake on its lake view seats years ago.

The Shelter Lounge, it became clear to me, was the Central Perk to the “Friends” of Green Lake (sub cocktails and craft beer for coffee). I decided then that it was my mission to get inside.

Shelter Lounge Green Lake

7110 E Green Lake Drive N

Seattle, WA  98115

(206) 420-7452


Lovin’ the rock walls.

From the boisterous atmosphere to the colorful list of cocktail options to the stunning view of Green Lake, the Shelter Lounge offers a fun niche for neighbors and friends to take “shelter” in. And, although it didn’t appear sports-bar-esque from the outside, it definitely is on the inside. I’m thinking Seahawks season will be extra exciting this year for the Twelves of this neighborhood.


Just two of the many TVs.

Because there were so many cocktail options and I’m the least decisive person I know, I chose the first drink that stood out to me to make things easy. Wait, does that make me decisive then? The El Pato cocktail is made with Flor de Cana White Rum, Giffard Banana, Chocolate Bitters, Coconut Milk, and Lime. I’ve never been a rum girl, but I may be rethinking my alcohol preferences. What a delicious and summery drink! According to my waitress, it’s also a huge hit among the lake lovers here. We like to pretend we live on the beach, ya feel?

After I thought I had finished the entire thing (I knew I was done because it made the slurping noise everybody loves hates), my waitress came to remove my glass, but told me she wouldn’t take it yet because there was still some left…apparently, people get overly possessive of their El Patos. I tried to insist that I indeed was done and she could take it, but she must have experienced some seriously thirsty customers in her one month of working at the Shelter Lounge, because she would not. take it. away. Not bad, just funny.


Hello, El Pato!

Moving on to food.

Naturally, my indecisive-impulsive behavior transcended into dinnertime, therefore leading me to choose the least compatible combination of food and drink. Who pairs “coconut tropical island getaway” with “carbs, hot sauce, and more carbs”? This foodie. Good thing it was delicious.

Complete with cucumbers, radishes, onions, carrots, cheddar cheese, “5- Spice Pickles”, Sriracha mayo, and three slices of bread , the Veggie Dagwood Sando is the vegetarian dream. It is also, might I add, really REALLY hot. Or maybe I’m just a baby. Either way, my strange food/drink choice actually proved perfect, as the coconut milk complemented the heat that Sando brought into my life. Really though, what is in those 5-Spice Pickles?? More like Five-Hundred-Spice Pickles. Any more and my coping mechanisms would have left me four El Patos deep. Profitable move, chef.

If the heat kills me, at least I'll die satisfied.

If the heat kills me, at least I’ll die satisfied.

Pickle-induced tears aside, I will definitely be headed back to chill at the Shelter Lounge soon. I loved my drink and my food. What a great place to live a fifteen-minute walk from! SO MANY MORE UNIQUE COCKTAILS TO TRY.

Before I go, I’ll also share that I even risked my life to get a photo of the restaurant from the outside. I’m going to blame oncoming cars and my Android for the far from premium photography quality. Enjoy.


Who wouldn’t want to hang out here?!

Cheers foodies! xoxo