GoF Dish and Discuss: Novelty Kitchen Items


We all have those slightly embarrassing kitchen tools we bought at Bed, Bath Beyond or at an As Seen on TV Store. The Girls on Food tell you all about their below:

Reno Tastebuds

Reno Tastebuds

Everyone has that one tool in their tool bag/chef’s bag/kitchen drawer that they are always a little embarrassed to bust out in front of their colleagues or friends. Let me introduce to you, my Vegetti. No, it’s not an accessory for my girl parts, it’s my nifty tool that spirals zucchini to look like spaghetti noodles!

Vegetti 2Although the name is super corny and sounds like a gadget you would jewel your vagina with, it’s extremely handy when you want to healthify your dish or make it gluten free by using zucchini instead of semolina pasta. The blades are razor sharp and give you a clean cut noodle to work with. I wouldn’t be caught deadie without my Vegetti!


Soda StreamLet me start out by saying: I’m NOT a fan of one-trick-pony devices in the kitchen. By that I mean gadgets that only do one thing. If it’s a small item – like a melon baller – okay, I can live with that. But when you’re talking a large item that takes up valuable kitchen real estate – like a bread maker -, then I push the ‘not in my house’ button.

HOWEVER, I did buy a Soda Stream and use it every day. Not only does it help the environment with its reusable bottles (it comes with 2) it also saves money, and, most importantly, it helps keep my weight down. I’ve decided I love soda making and I’m not sure why I haven’t done this sooner.

Soda Stream2

See photo? I owe it all to my Soda Stream!

Rather than drinking plain water, I now enjoy fizzy water (sometimes with a splash of lemon juice) and feel like I’m drinking something special. This gets me over that I’m-not-hungry-but-want-to-eat-something feeling.


Perfect BaconBowl2

$5.49 well spent! I found the Perfect Bacon Bowl on sale at Rite Aid one day and I just couldn’t resist.

Do they come out the way they look on TV?


Does it cook evenly?


Are they at least as easy to make as they appear on TV?


Those points made, it’s goofy and fun to make bacon baskets for guests when they come over. It’s a foodie conversation piece.

The Perfect Bacon Bowl with spinach scrambled eggs.

The Perfect Bacon Bowl with spinach scrambled eggs.



penguinMy favorite novelty kitchen tool is the SodaStream Penguin. The Penguin is a sparkling water maker. It is everything that was advertised and more. It is easy to use, fun, eco-friendly and transforms your average tap water into bubbly sparking water. I love to drink the water on its own and also to make refreshing virgin cocktails and homemade sodas with it. Did I mention that it does not require batteries? What can I tell you? I am completely smitten with it!


Ashley R.


The hand held citrus squeezer I own is by far the best impulse buy I’ve ever made! This simple kitchen product has made juicing lemons and limes a simple task. I can now quickly add citrus juice to a recipe or beverage knowing no juice is going to waste and no seeds will end up in my food/drink.


A squeezer works similar to a garlic press. Slice a lemon or lime in half, place one half into the press and firmly bring the two handles towards each other. As you apply pressure to the fruit the juice runs into your bowl or cup leaving the seeds, flesh and rind inside the press. The process takes seconds, and clean up is a snap. The hand held squeezer is dishwasher safe and fits well in any kitchen drawer.

Do you have a kitchen guilty pleasure? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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