Thanks a Melon: Jill’s Watermelon Agua Fresca


Who doesn’t love a good slice of watermelon in the summertime? And even better, a refreshing drink to cool off? I say combine both.

My husband and I had the Watermelon Agua Fresca at Whole Foods the other day and then decided to create our own healthier version of it.

The term ‘agua fresca’ usually represents a drink with fruit, water and sugar, but this healthier version is just fruit with a bit of water (and honey if you’re missing the extra sweetness). You can add your own personal flavor addition as well… I recommend Lime, Basil or Mint!

Watermelon Agua Fresca


• Half of a Large Seedless Watermelon or a Whole Small Seedless Watermelon
• A large wedge of Lime or a few sprigs of Basil or Mint
• Enough water to cushion the blender
(Optional) A tablespoon of honey

Chop the watermelon in half and scoop the fruit out with a kitchen utensil of your choice and into the blender. Mine was the 3/4 Cup Measuring Spoon.


Add enough water to cushion the blender (About 1/4 of the fruit covered in water). Add a little honey if you think you’ll miss the added sweetness of a typical agua fresca.

Blend on puree and pour into your favorite stylish glass. Then add your squeezes of lime or sprigs of Mint or Basil and let the flavor soak in. Chill in the fridge (or a shaker for some added fun and quicker chilling) and enjoy!


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A lifelong foodie and experimental artist, food is probably one of my favorite things. Food is art in itself, whether nature-given or human-created, and when that art satisfies your tastebuds, it is a pleasure seeker’s dream come true. Although a Sacramento native (still trying to find the best of the best here), I spent some time living in San Francisco and India, which is (without a doubt) why healthy deliciousness, fair food and business practices, quality and authenticity (in ingredients, preparation AND presentation) and the words ‘spicy’ and ‘ethnic’ are important aspects of my foodie-ness. It is DEFINITELY possible to be madly in love with delicious food AND be healthy and beautiful. In fact, delicious food can MAKE you healthy and beautiful.