Seaside Noms: Rachel’s Waterside Grill in Freeport, NY


Oft times, during the summers of my youth on Long Island my family would adventure to The Nautical Mile.  A small strip of land in Freeport, NY it boasted of delightful outdoor eating on the water and small khaki shops where you could get oceanic themed goodies for the warm weather. 

Recently, while visiting with my clan we took a nostalgic trip down and tried a place that’s been given ample amounts of praise from all who have eaten there.  Above you can see the majestic view outside my dining window.  I kept waiting for Dawson and Joey to float by on a small rowboat.  We all have our dreams….

Rachel’s Waterside Grill
281 Woodcleft Ave.
Freeport, NY, 11520
(516) 546-0050

I started off my repast with Rachel’s Seafood Chowder, a brilliant cornucopia of New England-style chowder made with fresh clams, Carolina shrimp, scallops, red potatoes, and smoked bacon and corn.  I was not disappointed.  Even though it was a heavy base the flavors tied it together nicely and created a fantastic bite of the sea to appropriately being an ocean based meal right on the water.

We split one of my favorite starters….

My uncle is always partial to a plate of baked clams.  Rachel’s did it to perfection with garlic, fresh herbs, and breadcrumbs.  I feel that what they did best were their starters and my biggest issue was with my main course.

The plating for this entree was gorgeous, however, the flavors were completely off.  I had asked our server before ordering the dish if it was spicy.  I tend to not respond well to hotter tastes biting my buds and this was no exception.  It was called “Rachel’s Spiedini” and it combined skewered local monkfish, sea scallops, gulf shrimp, fresh fennel and oranges grilled and served over spiced chickpea salad.  Sounds amazing, right?  The fish was grilled to perfection but the chickpea salad overwhelmed the monkfish and shrimp.  It was difficult to eat over it, as it was most of the dish.  It may serve them to have their servers be more aware of the taste of their entrees.

My mother was very pleased with her choice of the scallops, which were lighter and allowed the taste of the fish to shine.

What meal is complete without a Nutty Irishman (Irish coffee with Bailey’s)?

We split both the creme brûlée and the pecan pie.  I have to say the pecan pie was fantastic.  A warm delight with the vanilla ice cream.  

Rachel’s Waterside Grill offers a tantalizing menu filled with options galore.  However, if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful meal this may not be your best bet.  Glancing around the compact eatery, the staff isn’t as attentive as they should be and has a habit of chasing diner’s away from their tables so they can seat the next party.  Definitely stop by early in the day when the crowding is at a minimum so you can sit and enjoy the sights of the sea and the tastes of Long Island.

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