Hot Italian: Mazzaro’s Italian Market in St. Petersburg, FL


Word of mouth discoveries are always quite the adventure. My Aunt Karen and I were lying on Pass A Grille Beach about 2:00 in the afternoon Friday when we both started to hear a grumble. Though the weather was not looking too good and the dark clouds started to roll in it was not thunder, we were hungry! Already on an Italian kick from an earlier discussion, we agreed to try to find this Italian Market she had heard such good things about. I promptly asked Siri. After a few failed attempts Siri came up with Mazzaro’s Italian Market, “Yes!” my Aunt proclaimed, just like that we packed up and were in route.

Mazzaro’s Italian Market
2909 22nd Avenue N
St Petersburg, FL 33713
(727) 321-2400

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Let me tell you, when you pull up to Mazzaro’s Italian Market you feel like you have been transported to Italy. The murals on and around the building are beautiful; Fiat’s outside lend authenticity as well as a quick photo op. When you walk in you are energetically consumed by the hustle and bustle of the market. To your left are fresh fruits and veggies next to a marinated olive bar. This being our first trip, we really just had to soak it all in like a fresh piece of bread dipped in herbs and olive oil. While we are talking about bread, it was amazing… made fresh in house everyday.

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The Market opened in 1993 and is truly an Italian Lover’s as well as any food lover’s, dream market. Mazzaro’s features freshly roasted coffee, over 75 prepared foods daily in their deli, over 1,000 wine selections and over 300 cheeses, fresh cut meat and seafood, homemade gelato, freshly baked bread and pastries, each in their own section of the market. You can order take out, catering or enjoy your food on their patio.

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I also tried, for the first time, a mammoth slice of Cannoli Cake at $4.00 that was out of this world!

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My Aunt and I pulled a ticket, ordered, and shared the Hot Italian (ham, salami, pepperoni,
provolone, shredded lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, Italian dressing) $5.50. The bread was warm, and soft like biting into a cloud; the flavors in the sandwich complimented each other so well all we could do was embrace our mouth full of food, goofy smile at each other from how happy that sandwich was making us.

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If you are every in the area, I hands down turn around and slap the ground, recommend you stop by Mazzaro’s. Even if you are not a crazy food person like me you will so enjoy all the collected Italian treasures they showcase in the store and the friendly employees. Next time we plan to stop there to grab lunch BEFORE we hit the beach.