Summer’s Spiced Apple Cider Sangria


I am a total fangirl of Fall. What’s not to love? Fall makes me feel cozy like a nice cashmere sweater… so soft, so pretty… *clears throat* Anyway, since I live in California and it’s still a blazing 90 degrees, It’s not exactly sweater weather. I wasn’t going to let this heat stop me from enjoying this magical time of year, though… Enter the Spiced Apple Cider Sangria. The perfect mixture of refreshing with warm and sweet.


Sangria is one of those awesome concoctions that are super flavorful and pretty simple to make. The ingredients are interchangeable too. The key to whatever you choose is to let everything really marinate together. Okay… here we go.

Spiced Apple Cider Sangria

1 bottle of Pinot Grigio (it doesn’t have to be fancy, you’re mixing it)

Light Rum, I used about a cupliquids

Apple Cider, About 24 ounces
3-4 apples, I used a variety for color
1 orange, I used 3 generous peels
All Spice, whole or ground*
Cloves, whole*
4 Cinnamon sticks
Ginger Ale

*I used a nice pinch of allspice and a couple of pinches of cloves.

You’ll need a 2 quart or larger pitcher


Slice your apples.
Mix all remaining ingredients together, except for the ginger ale. Add the apples and seal the pitcher. I like to let mine sit for a day. If you don’t have a day then wait at least 5 hours.

When ready to serve, pour into glasses, add fruit and finish off with a splash of ginger ale. Super yummo!!

Let me know how you guys make your fall Sangria.

me and sangria


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