Prost!: Bavarian World in Reno


Bavarian World brought Germany right to the biggest little city, Reno, NV. This 15,000 sq. ft. restaurant/dance hall/market is located right in the middle of downtown Reno, educating our locals on what real German cuisine is made of.

Bavarian World 
595 Valley Road, Reno, NV 89512

BVW4Klaus, the owner, will spend hours talking with you about anything you want to talk about. After a few Spaten premium lagers, we discussed politics, God, the economy, the government, presidential candidates, unemployment and home made pretzels (everything you’re not supposed to talk about while drinking). Dagmar, the very knowledgeable German native waitress, is very informative, proud and will school you on her menu. She laughed from deep within her gut when my husband asked if the weiner schnitzel on the menu was the same as the fast food joint. I have no doubt in my mind she would kick his ass in a heartbeat!


We started off with the sausage sampler, and then ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel which came with red wine vinegar braised cabbage, potato pancakes, and the breaded veal with the homemade gravy smothered on top. Our dinner also came with an incredibly tasty beef soup. We commented how “homemade” the soup and food was and Dagmar replied with, “There’s no Campbell soup here!”



BVW1The food was extremely authentic and the service was entertaining and helpful. Make sure to stop off at the market. They have an entire counter filled with homemade German pastries and pretzels. We seriously bought $30 worth of goodies. They were sinfully delicious and were crafted with pride and love.

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