Taking a Class with Verlocal: Revenge Pies in San Francisco


Revenge Pies, could you think of a more spectacular name.

I was introduced to the owner/creator/baker extraordinaire, Elizabeth Simon after Verlocal invited me to take a local class.

Verlocal is this incredible website that connects you to people and classes in your area. They have classes all over the country like San Francisco, Miami, Boston and much more. The classes also range from food and drink making to language, to arts and crafts. For me, a social anxious human being, I wouldn’t call a community center to find classes. Verlocal offers a fast, easy way to look for something you’re interested in. Plus, it tells you how many may be in your class. The pie baking class had a range of 1-4 people, and I ended up being the only one, but it is good to know in advance what kind of attention you’ll be receiving in the class.

On to Revenge Pies creator herself, Elizabeth. A quick summary is that she is one talented, funny, incredible lady. She’s a Rock N’ Roll promoter turned self-taught pie goddess. She currently resides at The Residence Bar in San Francisco which in itself fits her so perfectly. It’s the coolest Victorian style bar with this old-world feel. Bonus: at 4:00 pm on Sundays they have Karaoke!

Elizabeth bakes in their commercial kitchen, but also creates some savory small plate dishes as well. Do you want some of her pies? Well, she does have a website from which you can order a pie, but she also serves different monthly/seasonal pies at the bar as well. (I had her blueberry tart and her smore’s tart. YUM!)

So… why Revenge Pies? Well, as the story goes she baked a pie for a boy she liked. However, something happened to the point where he never received the pie he didn’t show up or left her hanging, and so she ended up eating half the pie herself. Well, she had extra pie dough, so she made a small one, cut out a middle finger from the dough and baked it on top. Elizabeth then delivered it to the door stop of said boy. What could be better than giving someone something so delicious that they will never enjoy again? Elizabeth is a girl after my own heart!


The class itself was phenomenal. I had this entire kitchen space to myself, all the ingredients lined up for me and a great instructor to help guide me through the steps.


I made an apple pie with a vodka infused crust and a key lime tart. Both of which were scrumptious, if I do say so myself.
The cool thing about this class is that you made these incredible pies, but maybe you want to save it and share with your family when you get home. Don’t fear; Elizabeth has this covered. With the two big pies, we made we also made mini versions that we enjoyed immediately afterwards.
(Look at the cute little baby pie!)

What did I enjoy most about the whole experience? Could it be the quick, easy way to find classes? Could it have been because it was only a hop, skip, and jump from where I lived? Could it be the overall learning experience? Or maybe, just maybe, the awesome delicious pie I got to take home?
It was all of these things equally that created an experience I’ll never forget and plus I now know where I’m going to grab all my pies from here on out.

As Verlocal says, “Every moment counts, pick your city and find new experiences close to you”!


Morgan Bradley

There are two things I have loved my entire life: Food & Media. My earliest memories of enjoying both, would be sitting in my grandfathers lap watching some sort of cooking channel and discussing how we would change the recipe or when we were going to make it. People had assumed after high school I would head to film school, but instead I went for culinary. I attended Le Cordon Bleu, San Francisco for 2 years then worked in Walt Disney World for a few months. While working in Walt Disney World I developed carpal tunnel and arthritis then presented itself shortly after. It appeared life had other plans for me then being in a kitchen 24/7. BUT I wanted to continue to be in the culinary world and share whatever knowledge, love, and passion I had in some way. So media came back into my life full force and for 2 year I have been recreating retro recipes and reinventing them for today's modern pin up's on my YouTube Channel & Blog www.MissSemiSweet.com Imagine; Bananas, Ham and Hollandaise, tomato Jello Pie & many more 1940's & 1950's recipes. I still like to cook "normal" recipes and baking is where a great deal of my passion lies. Very excited to join this creative force of Girls On Food and share and receive so much love for food!