Larb (lahp) Gai is a traditional dish in Thailand. It’s a chicken salad that emphasizes bold flavors. There are many ways to make this, in Thai, “gai” means chicken. You might’ve heard of larb moo or larb sien which is with pork or beef, whichever way you make it, it’s delicious! I made this because I had left over grilled chicken that was seasoned with black pepper and salt only. Scroll down and learn how to make this dish!

Larb Gai

ingredients for larb gai

Serves 2

2 chicken thighs, barbecued or baked
1 handful cilantro
1-2 bundles green onion
crushed Thai chili flakes
ground toasted rice (optional)
fish sauce
shallots (optional)

Chop the chicken into bite size pieces and place in a large bowl.


Add 2 tbsp fish sauce (you can add more later if you think it needs more salt), 2 tbsp Thai chili flakes (add more if you like spicy food) and 1 tbsp ground toasted rice.

larb gai 4

Now it’s time to chop up your aromatics!

larb gai 5


Add the green onion, cilantro and shallots to your bowl, mix and squeeze 1-2 whole limes in the mix. Stir all of the ingredients together and…


Done! Serve this with a side of sticky rice, butter lettuce or cucumbers to cool off the spice. This is a great dish to eat all year around. When it’s raining or snowing out and you can’t barbecue, just throw the chicken in the oven! Try this out with different meat too, see which you like best.


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