Located in the center of SLC, Padelis, is the perfect place to grab a quick and delicious bite to eat.

Padelis Street Greek
30 Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

I’m addicted to street food. Quick to order, simple and easy food that you can get on the go. Unfortunately it always feels like it’s 30 degrees outside, so it’s hard to find an excuse to leave your apartment – let alone stand around outside eating lunch. Luckily, one of my favorite street foods has found itself indoors.


Padelis is dishing up some of my favorite gyros. You start with choosing a style (wrap or bowl), pick your protein, dress it up, then get ready to chow like the Greeks. I always choose the mini street gyros and filled them with all the meats. On the side –  what else but extra crunch fries. For me the key is to keep it simple and let the food do the talking.

First up is the chicken rotisserie, topped with roasted pepper tzatziki, tomatoes, lettuce, and onion. This sweet and savory treat started lunch on a high note. The tzatziki was hearty but did not leave me feeling heavy, which was a major plus.

Finally I feasted on the lamb & beef gyro – the champ of the lunch room, the food of the gods. Padelis serves the softest pita breads I’ve ever eaten. This gyro, topped with traditional tzatziki, tomatoes and onions, packs a punch of flavor and is full of juicy and delicious meat.

This family-owned cafeteria style eatery has glammed-up Greek street food but the roots run deep. From the Greek music serenading you when you walk in, to the family-style service that greets you, Padelis is definitely a place to warm up to in SLC!

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