Poppin’ Cakies Celebration in NYC


Festivities were held on Friday, March 17, 2017, honoring the “Cakie”, the creation of Queens-based Pastry Chef Janice de Castro (owner of Jae NYC Eats) at The VNYL Bar & Restaurant. A Cakie is the classic Twinkie revived and revamped! Having assumed a different identity, the new and improved Cakie was a hit among the crowd. The flavor profiles are vibrant and welcoming like Janice herself, and are hand injected into a familiar shaped moist cake. 

Owner Janice also used the party as an opportunity to premiere some new flavors! A crowd favorite was the limited edition Bad & Boujee pair; the Bad Cakie combined the flavors of Hennessy, Valrhona Chocolate, and Cherry Cordials, while the Boujee Cakie contained Dom Perignon and White Truffle.

Samples of Bad & Boujee Cakies for the crowd

Savory bites, like the Spicy Lobster Papardelle (left), were provided by Chef Jordan Andino, Executive Chef of NYC’s OG Filipino taqueria, 2nd City (and business partner at The VYNL). 

It was a lovely evening, and I had so much fun mingling with Janice and her family, I even got to help set up a little bit before the beginning of the event. Camera lights were flashing, drinks were flowing, and the music was playing as we all wished Cakie a very happy first birthday; I actually forgot that it was St. Patrick’s Day for a moment. Congratulations on an incredible first year to Janice and her team, I can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store for us!


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