My boyfriend Aaron and I LOVE ice cream.

We have to have a scoop (or 2… or 3) every night while we binge on Netflix shows. Since this is Easter weekend, we plan on watching all the stand-up comedies we fell behind on. I found the perfect, personalized accessory to celebrate this holiday weekend.

Personal Creations asked me if I wanted to test out their Ice Cream Shoppe Bowls and how could I turn that down?

First off, the personalization is just adorable! Second, these bowls come with a big handle for clumsy couples like Aaron and I. No more spills! Third, it’s porcelain, which helps helps to keep ice cream extra chill. It also comes packed with ice cream toppings!

Aaron and I had some serious belly laughs with Louis C.K.’s new special last night. I had cherry ice cream with sprinkles and he had birthday cake with sprinkles too. You now what they say about great minds…

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter!

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