Love and Food Trucks at Pride Toronto


When I think of Pride Toronto, I think of love, acceptance, and freedom. There is so much love and unity in the air that it is mesmerizing and intoxicating. For anyone who has never been to Pride, it can be hard to know where to look. With all of the floats and music and half-naked people COVERED in paint and glitter, the experience can be thrilling. Combined with all of the rainbow flags flying on flagpoles from sites like and hanging from windows all along the street, it’s like walking through an explosion of colour.

One little-known gem about Pride is the abundance of gourmet food trucks and stations dishing out mouth watering meals. They are serving up everything from baked goods to fish tacos to every kind of poutine you can imagine! I obviously had to grab my friends, make my way down the line and try a little bit of everything!after reading this article to make your food truckh usiness run more smoothly.

Korean Pork Taco from Temptations Food Truck

The first truck we hit was Temptations. It’s linked to Annina’s Bake Shop; a hot spot North of Toronto in Goodwood, Ontario. Ironically, I go there all the time but was completely surprised to see them here in Toronto, let alone have a food truck! I had a couple of hungry ladies with me and we were ready to indulge. Their baked goods are absolutely to die for. It’s like grandma’s fresh baked desserts meets sunshine on your taste buds. Simply no other way to put it. I eagerly watched my aunt devour their Korean Pork Tacos while I drooled. I don’t even eat pork and I was ready to inhale it. The taco was captivating and there was definitely no shortage of ingredients. My aunt reported it was full of flavor.

Inferno Poutine from Mustache Burger Truck

Our next stop was the Mustache Burger Truck. This truck can be found downtown near the University of Toronto. Genius location! They pride themselves on making sure this company is 100% Canadian. What caught my eye was the display of poutines they had out. Being Canadian ladies, we had to order one…by law. The lucky poutine of choice was the Inferno Poutine. Now, I am someone who can consume any kind of heat you throw at me; think of it as a personal challenge. This poutine had a slight kick, not overwhelming, but definitely packed with flavour. The onions, salsa, hot sauce and mozzarella were a great combo for these perfectly crisp french fries. The portion size was definitely enough to share. The fries were crunchy, rough cut and made fresh. A perfect food truck for university students and any poutine connoisseurs.

Our last stop, before we head back down Church Street, was this adorable little tiki hut called Tropic Love. They sell fresh fruit smoothies in the shell of a fruit, as well as ice pops and sorbets. Everything is made right in front of you using natural ingredients by a fruit ninja. If that’s not the most adorable nickname you’ve ever heard I don’t know what is.

They offer festival goers a healthy alternative to the other food trucks, which is something I definitely needed after downing a mountain of french fries. Not that I regretted one french fry, believe me! I loved and needed that watermelon smoothie. They can be hired for events and can be found at the Toronto CNE and Scotiabank Caribana. Tropic Love was a refreshing spot to get me pumped up and ready to dance, sing, and strut down Church Street in my floppy hat and shades. Spread the love, dance your heart out, eat tons of food and have a Happy Pride everyone!

Paula O'Farrell

Maple syrup...I put that sauce on everything. Just kidding, almost everything. As a small town Canadian girl living just outside of Toronto, I had the pleasure of eating good country meals and city fine dining all of my life. On top of that, I was also brought up in an Italian household full of vegetable farmers. So it only made sense that at the ripe old age of 10 I would march into the kitchen and shock my mom and Nona with my decision to become a vegetarian. Don't worry, I now eat seafood here and there because sushi is life. My Nona was a fantastic cook and my inspiration in the kitchen. She taught me everything there is to know about cooking which led me to try out for MasterChef Canada. Although I didn't make it all the way, I made it far enough in the competition to make my little heart happy with my accomplishment. Now, I love going on road trips to the city, or up north to find the best food trucks, dives or beautiful restaurants by the water. I still love to cook and not just vegetarian food. C'mon, I live in the land of Canadian bacon, how could I deprive my husband of such deliciousness? I'm so totally stoked to be on this food ride with you guys and can't wait to see what the future brings!