When the Wabi House in Dallas is Rockin’…


I’ve heard rave reviews about Wabi House for some time now. The loudest reviews have been from my twenty-something daughter and her friends who visit Wabi House no less than once a week. Located in the Lower Greenville area of Dallas; not exactly my neck of the woods. Last week I made the trek to Lower Greenville to meet the twenty-something gang for dinner. It was worth every mile of the drive. 

Wabi House
1802 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75206

The entrance is decorated with a vibrantly decorated mural and outdoor seating with an open bar…weather permitting of course. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with punches of framed color set against pale walls with Edison bulbs hanging from a dark, wooden-beamed ceiling. The long, narrow dining room is filled with comfy booths and a few seats overlooking the kitchen.

Sweet Corn Fritters

We started with a couple of small plates. The first was the plate of Sweet Corn Fritters. These amazing morsels are made with niblets of corn cut fresh from the cob which is perfectly seasoned with salt and sansho pepper then drizzled with a spicy aioli. These babies were heavenly. The corn was sweet and savory with just enough breading to hold it all together. The drizzle of aioli was just the right amount of heat. Did I mention we devoured three orders!


We also ordered the Karaage. Karaage is a method of cooking meats; in this case chicken. The bite-sized pieces are lightly coated with wheat flour and then fried in a light oil. They were perfect bites. The breading did not overpower the chicken. The bites were served with cubes of watermelon, sishito pepper and a drizzle of the same spicy aioli that came with the corn fritters.

Spicy Miso

For my ramen dish I chose the Spicy Miso. The bowl arrived steaming hot and full of yummy ingredients including minced pork, bamboo shoot, scallion, chili strips and an egg. The miso broth was a great blend of salt, spicy and savory flavors. The key is to mix it up so you get a bit of all that goodness in each bite. I can assure you it was the best ramen I’ve ever had. I found myself trying to decide whether to devour the entire bowl or save some to take home for the next day’s lunch.

So the rumors are true…Wabi House IS the place to get ramen in Dallas. I am kicking myself for not going sooner, but I have already made up for lost time. I went again yesterday. I couldn’t help myself! My plan is to work my way through the entire menu. On my next visit I think I will try the Tonkotsu with chashu (marinated braised pork belly). I will try and save room for their Tapioca Parfait dessert.

Dawn Fisher

I have called Dallas my home for many years. This is a perfect city for a foodie. There are always new restaurants and food events going on. I was born in San Antonio, TX. The Texas hill country will always have a place in my heart. When I was young, I spent every summer at my grandparent’s house in a small town north of Corpus Christi. They owned a restaurant and I spent many hours in that restaurant enjoying the food and the people. On Monday’s, when the restaurant was closed, my grandparent’s and I would drive to all the small towns and try new restaurants and visit some old joints. I learned to not only appreciate food as life-sustaining but also as a form of conviviality and fellowship. I love traveling and immersing myself in the food and culture. I have been blessed to travel to Europe and many places stateside. When I am not teaching school, I am busy whittling away at my restaurant bucket list, updating my food and travel blog, Fenomenale, writing travel experiences for Guidrr and spending time with family and my sweet dog. I am pumped to be joining Girls on Food. So let’s have fun and eat it up!