I needed to get out of Seattle for a little N&R (noshing and relaxation) so I decided to hop on a bus and visit Leavenworth, WA. Leavenworth is modeled after Bavarian towns and is located in Eastern Washington.
No joking, polka music plays EVERYWHERE!
Right when you step onto Front Street, you feel like you’re in a Disney film. It’s a stretch filled with restaurants, unique gifts shops and a cute Nutcracker museum. The best thing about Leavenworth is that most of the places give free samples to the tourists. Not the tiny free samples one would get at Costco, they offer as many samples as you’d like.
The Gingerbread Factory
828 Commercial St
Leavenworth, WA 98826
I wandered off of Front street and onto a less crowded one. I came across a real life gingerbread house. I was worried a scary old lady would be bake me into a cookie if entered but to my surprise I was offered to try a hearty sample of their trademark gingerbread man and their maple walnut cookies. The cookies are better than homemade here they had a fluffiness I doubt I’d be able to recreate.
The interior looks like a Barbie Dream House.


The buttercream frosting topped sugar cookies were also amazing.
The Cheesemonger’s Shop
819 Front St
Leavenworth, WA 98826
Heads up: Look hot when you come in, there’s a few cute teenage boys that work here. They’re friendly and want you to try lots of free cheese. What could be better?
This little shop has an extensive collection of cheese, sausages, beer and wine. So me it’s basically heaven. You do have to request samples here but you can try any of the cheese you wish.
I walked out with Koko’s Coconut-infused Gouda, which pairs beautifully with a stout or porter beer. I bought Truffle Tremor, which is goat brie with black truffle, I’ve topped my heirloom tomato salads with it. It’s not an overwhelming truffle flavor which is nice. I also bought a local honey lavender chevre for a dessert option.
The Oil & Vinegar Cellar 
633 Front St
Ste F
Leavenworth, WA 98826
This was my favorite sample spot of all. There are several oil and vinegars for sampling with bread and they encourage you to try all of them. To make things worse, they offer $5 off each 3 bottles purchased. I could easily go broke here.
 I walked out with an English Toffee balsamic reduction, a Fig balsamic reduction, a Lemon Lavender white vinegar, Key Lime oil (the best!), Garlic Mushroom oil and a Rosemary oil. I haven’t had anything like the Key Lime oil before, I’m still kind of not sure what to do with it so if the readers have any suggestions, please leave a comment and let me know 🙂
The Flavor Express
220 9th St
Leavenworth, WA 98826
This is actually a fudge shop and that’s not really my thing. While looking around I discovered she had a sea salt sample table so I decided to go crazy and get my sodium fix.
At this sample table, tomatoes are on toothpicks and you dip it in the sea salts. Yes, I tried all of them and walked out with Black Truffle Sea Salt.
Leavenworth Sausage Garten by cured
636 Front St
Leavenworth, WA 98826
There weren’t free samples but this was my favorite meal. This is Currywurst sausage topped with fresh sauerkraut, curry ketchup and cajun creole mustard on the side. It was so flavorful it didn’t really need condiments. The beer is Whistling Pig Hefeweizen. This is a patio restaurant, great for people watching and has a great view of the mountain range.

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