Vosges: Chocolates to Ship For


Vosges Haut-Chocolat

I fell in love with Vosges at O’Hare Airport years ago. It’s the most
exciting chocolate I’ve ever come across.

They have no boundaries when it comes to flavors – wasabi,
peppercorns, curry, hemp seeds, paprika, and yams are among the ingredients
you’ll find in their inventive truffles and chocolate bars. If you’re thinking
this isn’t for you, I’d like to try to change your mind by introducing you to
the truffle that made me believe anything’s possible in the world of chocolate.
His name is “Rooster.”

cheese + organic walnuts + Tahitian vanilla bean + bittersweet dark chocolate

Yes, you read that right. CHEESE. It’s in their Italiana
Nouvelle collection and it’s the BEST truffle in the box! Try it and you’ll
never look back.

Their most popular bars are carried in stores like Whole
Foods but to get their full selection you have to go to one of their boutiques
(Chicago, New York, Vegas, LA) or like I just did, order online.

Here’s what arrived at my office to spice up my Wednesday…


Smoked Banana Caramel Chocolate Bar
Mesquite smoked bananas + Alderwood smoked salt caramel + 72%
cacao dark chocolate
This one is very smoky, it hits you right away and
almost tastes like bacon, but the sweet banana caramel balances it out. Very
bold, I love it.


Crispy Carrot Chocolate Bar
Crunchy carrot confit + Valencia oranges + 45% cacao deep milk
The carrot in this is like toffee, tastes like a really
interesting milk chocolate toffee bar. I’m not really a milk chocolate fan so
it wasn’t my favorite but it’s one of those things you just have to try because
who puts carrots in chocolate? Brilliant.
Mash Bill Truffle Collection
Scotch (Lower Left & Right)
coconut & cocoa nib caramel +
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte scotch + 45% deep milk chocolate
Bourbon (Middle Left & Right)
toasted pecans + Four Rose’s single barrel
bourbon + 45% deep milk
Stout (Middle Top to Bottom)
Rogue’s chocolate stout + 62% cacao dark
Whiskey (Top Left & Right)
Templeton rye whiskey + tart cherry +
tobacco + 62% cacao dark chocolate


All of them are fantastic but the Whiskey was
my hands-down favorite. I don’t know much about whiskey but I do know an
aficionado, and Templeton Rye is on his shortlist. He also happens to be a
smoker. I’m not sure how he feels about cherries but if there were some weird
connection there this would be him in a truffle. This of course led me to
wonder, what would a Tiffany truffle taste like? They create perfumes for
celebrities all the time, why not design a truffle around a person? Humor me
for a bit…
It would be based on things like the agriculture
of your hometown, your personality (Are you spicy, sweet or both?), favorite activities (Athletes
might have something to give them a physical boost, Mathletes might have
something for brainpower!), your style (What would a hipster truffle look like?),
possibly your job (Popcorn for people in the film industry? Apples for
teachers?), and of course your likes and dislikes (Can you imagine hating your
own truffle?). And the chocolatier would determine, based on all the info above, if you’re dark, milk, bittersweet, etc.
It would be ridiculously expensive and so
highly impractical, but what if instead of having your own truffle made a
company gave you a recipe? Would you pay for the directions to create
the chocolate version of you? I would.
It will likely never happen, but a girl can
dream. And in my dream, Tiffany truffles are wildly imaginative and they arrive
at my front door in a purple box from Vosges.



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