Venice is going through swift gentrification. It sucks. I have nothing against big business, but when you’re raising rents so high it kicks out long running family owned businesses, that’s just not ok. Some of the small businesses I love (like La Fiesta Brava on Rose Ave) are being forced out and are being replaced with the same types of restaurants by the same types of owners. We’re losing variety.My boyfriend and I have been exploring other parts of the Westside, in case we need to escape. I hopped on the Cover app and found a spot called Status Kuo. If you haven’t checked out the Cover app yet, get on it. Girls on Food readers get $10 off their first purchase, follow the instructions here: I have discovered so many spots in LA on it and I can’t wait to use it in NYC, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

Status Kuo is located in Mar Vista, which is an up and coming neighborhood in LA. For years, Mar Vista has been thought of as a suburb and less of a hot spot with business potential, but that’s changing. The intersection of Venice Blvd and Grandview Ave is where the magic is happening. I’m okay with this small make-over because it doesn’t kick out small business, it attracts more of it. The AMF Mar Vista Lanes have turned into Bowlero Mar Vista, revamping the outdated 80’s style into a lively 10’s bowling alley. This intersection also features a great used bookstore, a longtime running costume shop, hip coffeeshops and even a locally owned soap shop. Venice Blvd and Grandview Ave also happens to be home to my favorite farmer’s market, see review here

 Status Kuo
3809 Grand View Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 574-7610
Status Kuo has a what I consider to a be a classically appealing esthetic. It feels clean with it’s white walls, light wooden tables and benches. I adore the farm animal art, it brings a Portland feel to it. I love restaurants with an open kitchen, as it keeps the staff on their toes. I also get a kick out of hearing the random kitchen noises, it makes me feel like I’m a part of the team.
Our server promptly told us about the specials and got our drinks going. I do wish there was more variety in the beverage options, since they don’t have a beer and wine list, but that could change. It’s still a relatively new spot. I checked into the Cover app, which was great because I could come and go as I pleased. No waiting around for the bill.
Pictured: Taiwanese Sunday Gravy
The Brunch menu is an eclectic mix of American dishes with flair from other countries. I asked the server what the most popular pasta dish was and she suggested the Taiwanese Sunday Gravy. The house-made pasta swims in a curious broth with braised pork, mushrooms, pickled mustard greens and a chili sauce. The broth tastes like it was soy sauce with shallots and possibly clove or cinnamon.  I’m honestly not 100% sure what herbs/spices were used for the broth but it was so good I had to order a side of toast to soak it up. The toast came out with a yuzu butter that added an unexpected citrus twist to the flavoring.  This is easily one of the best pasta dishes on the Westside.

Pictured: Rotisserie Pork with Grits
When we were first seated, my boyfriend couldn’t help but gawk at this dish the table next to us got. He told the server “I’ll have what she’s having”. It was the Rotisserie Pork with Grits. The cheesy grits are topped with braised kale, crispy skinned porchetta and a sunny side up egg. The porchetta was a lot leaner than most of what I’ve had in the past, which is great, cause I don’t do well with overly fatty swine.  Nothing survived from my boyfriend’s chow session. It was so good I only got one bite in before he devoured the rest of it.
If you’re in Mar Vista and you want a “stick to your ribs” type meal, this is the place to be. I will be back here for sure to try the other items and I will post more soon. Don’t forget to download the Cover app to get $10 off your first meal from Girls on Food.

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