The Ultimate Churro: The Churro Relleno


My love affair with churros started in the womb. My mother told me it was one of the things she craved when she was pregnant with me. One of my early childhood memories was eating a churro with my brother, but not just any churro- it was a churro relleno. The churro was perfect on the outside and it was filled with pastry cream in the inside. It blew my mind and an obsession was born. A perfect churro is really hard to find, even in LA. It is all about consistency, temperature and the flavor of the dough. I found myself on a quest to find the perfect churro relleno.


Churros Rellenos and Churro Sandwich

Mama Churro y Mas is my favorite churro place in Los Angeles. It is located in El Sereno’s quiet downtown. The ambiance is super family oriented, cozy and inviting. The place itself reminds me of an old fashioned neighborhood ice cream shop. When you come in the first thing you see is the beautiful art. Pictures of puppies and churros in all their glory adorn the colorful walls. There is a  beloved upright piano against the wall and cute little tables all over the place. Although I have no proof, I like to imagine that people actually play the piano; that each night at closing as the ovens are cooling down the music is heating up. The “y mas” part of the name translates to “and more” since they serve other food and desserts but the real star in this place is the Churro.

Mama Churro y Mas

4836 Huntington Dr.

El Sereno, CA 90032


The churro relleno is the item that brought me here. They are freshly made, perfectly golden brown, crunchy in the outside and yet moist in the inside with lots of cinnamon and sugar. They have a wide variety of rellenos (fillings) but my favorite is cajeta. What is cajeta? It is the Mexican version of the dulce de leche the difference is that it is made with goat’s milk.


Churros Rellenos with Cajeta

Churros Rellenos with Cajeta

The churro ice cream sandwich is another one of the specialties here. The churros come perfectly warm, sandwiching a big voluptuous ball of vanilla ice cream. My experience with the churro sandwich is that you have to eat it fast, otherwise the ice cream might melt. I always get messy eating this dish but it is totally worth it.

The Churro Sandwich

The Churro Sandwich

Last but not least the churro hot-dog. Yes, you are reading correctly, a churro hot-dog. The bun is made with a sweet French roll. Taking on the role of the hot dog is a churro. This is topped with two scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and cherries. You would think that it is too much but it is actually very balanced. The churro, the sweet French roll and the ice cream compliment each other.

The Churro Hot-Dog

The Churro Hot-Dog

Mama Churro y Mas is a great place to get freshly fried churros and if you are feeling adventurous other churro concoctions. The staff are super friendly and most days you can find the owner there. The churros are, to me, the closest to the ones I grew up eating in Mexico a perfect mix of flavor and nostalgia.
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Dine, eat, cook, drink and eat some more! I’m originally from Mexico City and as love would have it, I met a gringo and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. Even as a kid I was always curious about food: the good, the bad and the ugly. There was always some new street food vendor, restaurant and good eats around my home. Food felt comforting and a natural thing to love and enjoy. When I moved to LA I quickly realized that the comida I loved so much was virtually impossible to find so my love for cooking was born. I recreated all the Mexican food I loved and missed. I even started baking. I grow my own vegetables and get the biggest pleasure of cooking with them. I absolutely love trying new restaurants and I am obsessed with churros. I look forward to sharing with you my recipes and my favorite spots in Los Angeles and Mexico. Besos!