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Prior to my trip to New Orleans, I was excited for one thing and one thing only: the food. I’m a big fan of gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets. However, what I found is that New Orleans has a large array of other items as well. Located in the Warehouse District is a very well known restaurant called Cochon, which specializes in pork dishes.

Its lesser known but equally delicious counterpart is Butcher. Located just around the corner from Cochon, Butcher serves up fast sandwiches and sausage dishes. It also offers an array of cured meats for sale.

Cochon Butcher

970 Tchoupitoulas St

New Orleans, LA 70130

During my visit, I tried the Cajun Pork Dog on a pretzel bun. The dish consisted of a pork sausage, chili, cabbage, spicy mustard and pickles.


The Cajun Dog on a pretzel bun at Butcher. Photo: Sara Maldonado

The sausage itself was incredible. It was very juicy and had a great overall taste. It did not contain many spices but instead acted as the anchor for the dish.

While the sausage grounded the dish, the true flavor player was the chili and mustard. The mustard gave the dog the kick it needed to set it apart from a regular sausage. The cabbage was very mild in flavor, which helped give each bite a smooth finish.

I actually loved the pickles but found them to be extraneous in the dish. They had great flavor on their own but didn’t add anything to the dog that it didn’t already have. The pickles paired with the mustard were too overpowering and actually took away from the dish so I chose to just put them on the side.

My favorite part about the dish was the pretzel bun. It was soft and buttery. It wasn’t too greasy and helped pull in all the flavors together. Overall, I really enjoyed my first culinary experience in the Big Easy.
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