It’s Greek To Me: The Famous Greek Kitchen


I found myself in Greenwich, Connecticut a couple of weeks ago and I did what any self-respecting person who has to travel on I-95 would do: Stop at an excellent Greek eatery before getting back on the highway. I may be biased because of my unhealthy relationship with hummus, however, Famous Greek Kitchen skirts the perfect line of elevating the cuisine without making it too far away from what we love about a street meat cart decked in lamb and falafel.

Famous Greek Kitchen 

10 North Water Street

Greenwich, CT 06830



We started with the special: avocado hummus. It was a creamy smooth texture with a tangy twist.

I opted for the tri-combination.  Including gyro, falafel, and chicken or pork souvlaki.  I was in heaven.  The greek salad was tremendously fresh, and the falafel was crisp.  I even found a coveted jalapeño on my plate.  There was a day when I used to eat jalapeño peppers straight out of a cup and yet somehow, I can’t even handle mildly spicy wings.  I may as well save myself the time and sign up for AARP now while I reach for the Tums.

At our table we also had not one, but two orders of perfectly cooked lamb.  The plating is tremendously elegant.

If you ever find yourself stuck in traffic that won’t move on I-95 and you see the exit for Greenwich take a much needed detour to Famous Greek Kitchen.  If you’re not committed to a long drive, they also have an extensive wine list. You may find yourself Greeking out over it.

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