IMG_9197I’ve already been crushin’ on Hook & Ladder for a while…

But again, they’ve made me fall a little bit deeper. Sacramento takes its themed weeks very seriously. So, it’s no surprise that Sacramento Cocktail Week would be any different. Each night a location is selected and they host an event in the honor of Sac Cocktail Week.

Hook & Ladder killed it for Bacon Week, so I knew I had to check them out for an evening dedicated to their true love, libations. Their food is amazing, but they take their hand crafted adult beverages extremely seriously over there.

Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co. 
1630 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

As we walked up, I knew we were in for a completely themed evening. I guess the bright orange construction roping and construction clad doorman were a huge hint. Construction, huh (is what you’re probably thinking)? Well, given our downtown is in shambles due to the new Sacramento Kings arena, I think this was their homage to the exciting beginnings that is happening in our city. Completely themed, the staff was donning bright orange vest and Sacramento Kings, purple hard hats. There were four “construction” stations, two inside and two outside:

Hammer & Nail Station – Shots, shots, shotsIMG_9234Draft Station – Beer


Grout Mixing Station – Cocktails, The Brick & The Mortar

IMG_9220 Paint Shaking Station – Cocktails, Matte, Red & Primer

IMG_9202In addition to the stations, the bar was also serving their own menu of construction themed libations. Every drink was $8, which is a good deal for H&L. The stations all required you to prepay for a red ticket, which you redeemed at a station.

IMG_9199 IMG_9200

The outside stations were where it was at, which is not to say the inside wasn’t tasty. However, outside the theme was taken to the extreme. Have you ever had a drink that was shaken via a paint shaker? No, me neither! The dramatics behind the cocktail making was a show in itself. I was thoroughly amazed and enjoyed their attention to detail. These drinks came in cups that emulated paint cans, although clear and plastic. They killed it with this station, from conception to execution and I was thoroughly delighted.

IMG_9211 IMG_9201 IMG_9204 IMG_9205IMG_9210IMG_9214I couldn’t justify ordering my next drink from the bar, so again, I found myself on the patio at the Grout Mixing Station. I even got out of line to watch a dude cut ice with a chain saw. I ordered one of each of the drinks, since I’m a (spice) wimp, I stuck with The Mortar, and my BF tried The Brick. This station was all about teamwork, the duo behind the station worked hard on the presentation of the drinks. Again, both tasted delicious and were aesthetically pleasing!

IMG_9222 IMG_9231
IMG_9228Don’t worry; we both shared the Big Mike Bacon Cheddar Burger so we could walk out of there properly! It was definitely a night dedicated to cocktails, but their food was on point, per the usu. Their effort to stick with the theme and pay their respects to our local, hometown team did not go unnoticed. H&L kills at every single one of these themed weeks, time and time again. Sac(ramento) Cocktail Week was no exception!


What isn’t there to like about a themed cocktail soiree?!?

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