rabbit food grocery

rabbit food grocery store

Rabbit Food Grocery is Austin’s first all vegan & cruelty-free grocery store and I’m thrilled! I literally want to buy everything in their store.  Jessica Morris and Gabriel Figueroa, both longtime vegans, founded Rabbit Food back in 2008. They started out by setting up pop-up shops around town during events. Bunny hop forward ? to January 2015 → thanks to Kickstarter donations and lots of hard work, they’ve opened up their first physical store. Yeaaaah!

Rabbit Food Grocery
2210 S. 1st Street, Suite M
Austin, TX 78704

rabbit food grocery

Need to stock up on snacks? No problem. Rabbit Food carries several varieties of chips, popcorn, crackers, power bars, cookies, and candies. If you need something heartier, they have delicious soups to choose from, veggie burgers, and tons of faux meat products.

coconut bacon

vegan tuna

I bought a can of this black pepper Vegan Toona to see what it was about and I was pleasantly surprised. What exactly does one do with vegan tuna? ?? I took some leftover quinoa, put kale mixed with avocado on top, my can of Vegan Toona mixed with vegan mayo, seasonings, lemon juice, and diced red onion. That’s a whole lotta vegan going on and it was amaaaaaazing!

vegan bouillon cubes

vegan jerky

Rabbit Food also carries many different brands of egg replacer, granola, bacon bits, mayo, vegan jerky, and non-dairy milks. If you have a sweet tooth, there are chocolate bars, fudge, ice cream, Sweet Ritual Salted Caramel Sauce, Bee Free vegan honey (which I used in this delicious scone recipe), marshmallows, and pralines.

salted caramel sauce

vegan honey

Basically, you’re not going to go hungry in this store or suffer from a lack of choices. The only thing they don’t carry is produce, but it sounds like something that may be in the works for the future. If you’re already stocked up on vegan food, then you can browse Rabbit Food’s selection of greeting cards, perfumes, soaps, t-shirts, purses, and other handmade items. They also carry vegan pet products!

vegan socks

vegan t-shirts

vegan purses

After you’ve finished ooohing and ahhhing throughout the store, head to the register where you’ll find flyers & postcards about upcoming events, Hurraw lipbalm (I got the coconut flavor), the Vegan Survival Guide to Austin, and donation jars to help local animal rescue groups ??

hurraw lip balm

vegan survival guide to austin

So basically, this store is rockin’ and if you live in Austin or plan on stopping through, check it out. Or you can always visit rabbitfoodgrocery.com to get more info and order online!

rabbit food grocery

This is the stuff vegan dreams are made of…

Jillian ♥

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