Monkey Shines: Frothy Monkey in Nashville, TN


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Frothy Monkey has three locations in Downtown Nashville as well as one in Franklin, not far out of Downtown. It’s prone to a large hipster gathering so I’ve never been here before.   However, on this afternoon, which can very easily be classified as one of the most amazing 10 days in Nashville, I figured the old lady in me could tolerate the hipster and millennial group and head to the location closest to my apartment and their very amazing outside deck.

Frothy Monkey @ Grimeys too
1702 8th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

This location on 8th Avenue has a limited menu, however it still has a wide selection of coffee drinks, sandwiches and salads, along with a few bakery items that are all made in house at their main location. So with the slight chill in the air, I ordered a London Fog and a smoked turkey sandwich, took my laptop and settled outside on the deck.


For those who don’t know, a London Fog is Earl Grey tea with steamed milk with a hint of vanilla.   More than Pumpkin Spice anything, the London Fog is a clear sign of fall and I will pick it every time over the blasé and over done pumpkin everything. It’s warm and comforting and the hint of vanilla helps you imagine yourself on the couch with a warm blanket, cat and an amazing book. You also expect it to be, well, foggy and rainy. It wasn’t any of those things today, however, the perfectly steeped Earl Grey tea and steamed milk was the perfect fall drink on this beautifully sunny day. In my opinion, some places will steep the tea too long and the result is a bitter brew with milk, this was NOT that and it was perfect, right down to the lovely “latte” art that was lost in the paleness of the drink.


For lunch I got the Royale, which was smoked turkey, Swiss, avocado, lettuce, tomato and basil mayo. It was made on a lovely whole grain bread that came out looking very, very healthy, but in reality it had the perfect crunch and heartiness required for this sandwich. The Swiss was melted and the basil mayo was a delightful surprise.

This Frothy Monkey is attached to Grimey’s, ( which is an actual music store, yes kids, we still have those and they are amazing. Grimey’s stocks new and “Preloved” music. Along with selling records and cd’s they also have concerts, book signings and record signings. For example, on September 11th Ben Folds was here on the release day of his new project called “So There” where he had a question and answer session.

frothy monkey 2

Also attached to both Frothy Monkey and Grimey’s is Howlin’ Books ( Howlin’ Books is a small independently owned bookstore, yes kids, we still have those also! They carry new and used books and has a really great vibe when you walk in.

I was delightfully surprised when I decided to venture out of the apartment and over to Frothy Monkey on 8th Avenue and with Grimey’s too and Howlin’ Books attached it felt familiar and it brought me back to a time that I felt comfortable. I will be back for sure, hispster or not.
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