Clearman’s Steak ‘n Stein Inn in Pico Rivera, CA


There’s no denying – I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl. This past weekend I was in meat and potatoes heaven – a.k.a. Clearman’s Steak ‘n Stein Inn. I was fed like I was family and, honestly, I think I’m still full, three days later. This rustic steakhouse, open since 1946, serves steak, seafood, hamburgers, and much more with incredible class and comfort.


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Clearman’s Steak ‘n Stein Inn
9545 E Whittier Boulevard
Pico Rivera, CA 90660

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I started my meal by choosing a beverage from the extensive drink menu. Boy did I have a hard time choosing from the long list of interesting and whimsical cocktails. I could hardly decide between the French Toast, Thin Mint and Orange Julius martinis. In the end I landed on the Caramel Apple Martini. How could I resist a caramel drizzle right in the glass?! Aptly named, it’s rich and tart flavor did not disappoint.

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Next, was my appetizer – Shrimp Diablo. That’s shrimp, with a chile pepper wrapped in bacon. The flavors came in one after another like a well planned attack  – a delicious, delicious attack. Classic shrimp, followed by a spicy kick all brought together by the familiar and always welcome taste of bacon. The creamy yet tangy southwest sauce tampered down any lingering heat. All together, an exceptional appetizer.


I had ordered the Steak and Scallops “dinner” but a more appropriate name would have been the Steak and Scallops FEAST. As I enjoyed my Shrimp Diablo, my waitress wheeled over Part I of my epic meal.

First, a side salad with my choice of three dressings – French, bleu cheese, and their house dressing, sour cream and chives – all made in-house, all delicious. And the croutons!!! I can’t think of a salad I’ve ever had where the croutons were worth mentioning let alone taking home in a to-go box (both of which I’ve done). They were light, crispy and flavorful.

Then, a heaping serving of red cabbage that had been marinated overnight in Clearman’s secret recipe (umm I think these people are serious about their food).

And then, what my waitress described as “the good stuff” – the cheese bread. Four beautiful slices of the warmest, softest, cheesiest cheese bread you’ve ever had in your life.

And it was only the beginning…

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My waitress wheeled over another tray of Steak ‘n Stein bounty and explained that entrees are always prepared table side at Clearman’s. Then she proceeded to set my filet and scallops ablaze.

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What was great about Clearman’s was the amount of freedom I had creating the best surf ‘n turf pairing of my choice. I chose the Filet among the Top Sirloin, New York, and Rib Eye cuts and the Scallops among Shrimp, Crab Legs and Lobster.

In case the first cart of goodies wasn’t enough, my filet and scallops were served along with generous portions of loaded mashed potatoes and onion rings. The onion rings had a tasty flaky and crisp breading and would be perfect for a true lover of onions. And the loaded mashed potatoes were to die for – perfectly buttery and garlicky topped with cheddar and bacon with sour cream, chives and cheese sauce on the side. I actually subbed the mashed potatoes for the standard baked potato which I was told comes with all the same fixings.


Of all I had to eat that day, the filet was rightfully the star of the show. I prefer mine on the rarer side but of course they will cook to order. It was everything a great steak should be – juicy, tender, and great tasting.

Just like all my food, I thought I might have to be wheeled out of the place when I was through. As I left with every morsel of food that was left on my table (including the croutons) the friendly staffed joked “yeah, it’s a lot of food isn’t it?”. It certainly was but where their quantity was great, their quality was even better. I will be back soon!
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With a sweet tooth like mine it’s a wonder I have any more teeth at all. As a child I was absolutely enchanted candy and dessert; I often made the claim to my mother that although dinner had made me so full I could not finish, there was a special compartment in my stomach especially for dessert that was empty and hungry! She never believed it. Now that I am older, baking is one of my favorite hobbies right up there between writing and knitting. In all of these things I find the same satisfaction of taking what’s raw and disconnected and making something whole and new. The act of taking a group of ingredients and turning them into a sweet smelling, decadent dessert both excites and relaxes me all at the same time. And just like with writing, I also find joy in being creative and inventive when baking and cooking. Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to take fruit (what I like to call “nature’s candy”) and turning it into healthy yet still satisfying desserts. I have an adventurous palette and have always been open to trying any and everything. I am excited to share what fun, new things I discover in my own kitchen and in the array of eclectic cuisine that Southern California has to offer!

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    Buck Wilcox

    January 18, 2016

    Steak n Stein is our family’s FAVORITE restaurant in ALL the world. My family has been in Whittier since 1902. We’ve wached them come and go, But Steak n Stein has lasted because they are unique, serve great grilled food in classic steak house style, treat everybody like a King and Queen. The waiters have been there for years. My dad and mom met at Whittier College and their first date was at Steak and Stein. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and just plain old ‘hungry’ at Steak n Stein. It feels like family, it feels like home. Oh, and the portions are HUGE, and there will be something going home with you. I cannot recommend them highly enough… Enjoy!