5 best all natural oils for your face

Friday Faves!: The 5 Best All-Natural Oils For Your Face


I don’t know about you, but I get really excited talking about oils ? ?

In a day and age when companies market their over processed, chemical-ridden skincare products as “all natural,” “moisturizing,” “anti-aging,” and so on, it is nice to know I can depend on plants to save the day. ? As a vegan, I depend on plants for food, and they provide all the nourishment I need. But they are also the safest and most effective choice when it comes to skincare. For thousands of years, people used plants as medicine – and it worked. But today, consumers want eye-catching packaging, famous spokespeople, and great marketing. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Do your research and you will realize that none of those products are actually good for your skin, in fact, some of them are terrible for your skin and your whole body. There is one oil that I was recommended to use but haven’t included on the list, which is CBD oil. I have heard a lot of good things about this, which is why I thought I would give it a mention. If you are someone who is looking to give this a go, maybe looking at sites such as www.saveoncannabis.com could help you save money when it comes to purchasing this oil. We all know how expensive skin care can be, so it will work out in your favour just to save a bit of money. If you are looking into using products like CBD oil, just like everything else you can get for your skin, you can’t just buy it in store. You have to visit dispensaries that have it in stock. Before you can do this though, you will need to be a holder of an ohio medical marijuana card (as this is one state where medical marijuana is legal). Do a bit of research into which states can legally sell this product and find out how you can get your hands on a medical card to allow you to purchase CBD oil. This is different in the UK though. There, you can purchase CBD oil online and here is a list of the best CBD oil UK citizens can purchase from these online vendors. I hope this works for you as well as the other oils did for me.

If you go to my Health & Beauty page, you can read my Be Beautiful Inside and Out series, that discusses what ingredients to stay away from and why, as well as the importance of picking humane beauty products that are not animal tested, and how chemicals infiltrate every part of our lives.

It is overwhelming to realize how much junk is in the products you may have been purchasing and using for years. I’m guilty of it myself. I now use all natural oils on my face each morning and night as my moisturizer, and my face feels like a baby ?

Here are my picks for the best five oils to use as moisturizers for your face:

rosehip oil

ROSEHIP OIL – Roses are good for more than just bouquets and smelling good ?? ? Harvested from the seeds of rose bushes predominately from Chile, rosehip oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. What does this mean for your skin? It hydrates dry, itchy skin, reduces scarring and fine lines and corrects dark spots. It’s a very light, non-greasy oil that has the subtlest smell of roses. I found this bottle of organic, cold pressed rosehip oil at Marshalls for 50% off.

Takeaway: if you suffer from acne scars, dry skin, fine lines, or any other skin issues, rosehip oil is for you. Even if you have great skin, this oil is the perfect all natural moisturizer. You can also use it as a hair treatment and on your nails.

oregano oil

OREGANO OIL – I’d heard of oil of oregano before, but never realized that oregano oil was different or that it was a great facial oil! In fact, it’s great for a lot of uses. It took me six months to figure out why I had suddenly acquired red, flaky, dry skin on my face. I have something called seborrheic dermatitis, which is a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder. I wanted to find a homeopathic way to maintain it, and oregano oil was suggested as a moisturizer because it’s good for sensitive skin, but it also fights bacteria. I bought mine off Etsy, from a woman who grows the oregano in her garden and because oregano oil is so strong, make sure it’s diluted with a carrier oil, like olive oil or jojoba oil.

Takeaway: If you have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, or other fungal/bacterial infections, this is your oil. It can also be used for cold sores, muscle aches, nail fungus, joint pain, and dandruff. If taken orally, it can help boost your immune system, especially during cold and allergy season.

coconut oil

COCONUT OIL – Coconut Oil for President 2016 ?? I wish that were a real thing because I’d vote for it. Coconut oil is all the rage right now, for good reason. I’m a big fan of anything coconut and during my trip to the beaches of Vietnam, I couldn’t get enough of the fresh coconuts there. Case in point: I bought this little jar of coconut oil at the airport in Vietnam before I left. Coconuts are full of protein and fatty acids that nourish the skin and delay the aging process. And just like oregano oil, it contains bacteria-fighting properties. Sometimes I use coconut oil when I double cleanse and other times I use it as a moisturiser. I was watching a couple of videos of people incorporating Tea Tree oil within their coconut oil and I thought this was something that I would like to do. Improving my skincare is something that I always aim to do, especially when it comes to using natural products.

Takeaway: Another excellent option for people with psoriasis, acne, and eczema. A little bit of coconut oil goes a long way. You don’t need much; otherwise, you risk clogging your pores. I only use it a couple of times a week before I go to bed. It’s great as an all over body moisturizer (instead of using processed lotions), makeup remover, lip balm, and hair treatment. Also makes a great cooking oil, just make sure you’re using a different jar, so you don’t run the risk of any bacteria or germs getting into your food.

neem oil

NEEM OIL – I worship neem oil ? This magical oil comes from the neem tree, found mostly in India, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Neem oil is loaded with antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E that contain anti-aging properties. In fact, it’s anti-everything: antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. Another great oil for acne and acne scars, eczema, and dry or itchy skin. Neem oil is pretty much da bomb ? I use it nearly every night. I buy the Alaffia brand at Natural Grocers.

Takeaway: All around amazing moisturizer for problem skin or otherwise. I always notice a definite difference when I wake up in the morning. It has a strong, bitter taste, so be sure to wash your hands after applying and keep away from your mouth. Can also treat nail fungus, ringworm, and athletes foot ?

booda butter

JOJOBA OIL Native Americans had been using jojoba as a skin and hair treatment long before everyone else got the memo. Due to its waxy substance, jojoba effectively seals in moisture while also blocking out external elements that can cause irritation and inflammation. Because it so closely mimics the secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin, it helps reduce oiliness by modulating the sebum production and allowing your body’s sebum production to calm down. Jojoba can also penetrate deep down to the hair follicles in the skin and cleanse them, which often is the root of acne. I don’t have a bottle of pure jojoba oil, but I do have my beloved tin of Booda Butter, which contains a mixture of coconut, shea, jojoba, and olive oils. I use in on my hands every night, and on my face when I need a little extra moisture. About once a week I distribute it evenly throughout my hair, let it sit for about 20 minutes, then wash and condition my hair. It makes my hair fabulous ?

Takeaway: Jojoba is perfect for oily or acne prone skin, or skin that needs extra moisture. Also great for inflammatory skin problems such as eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. Aside from the skin, jojoba oil can be used for chapped lips, dry cuticles, body moisturizer, sunburn remedy, and hair treatment ??


  • Always buy organic, unrefined, cold-pressed oils. These are the highest quality, least processed, and undamaged by heat.
  • Make sure it’s not diluted with any chemicals, alcohols, or unnecessary ingredients.
  • Less is more. You don’t need to slather a ton on your face or body. Small amounts have a great effect.
  • Store in a dry, cool place.
  • Do your research to find out if certain oils expire. You don’t want to use a rancid oil on your face ?
  • You can find high-quality oils for reasonable prices at places like Natural Grocers, Marshalls, Ross, the natural section of many chain grocery stores, Whole Foods, Central Market, or your local natural foods store.

When it comes to your skin, oil is your friend ?

Jillian ?

5 best all natural oils for your face


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