barkTHINS. Yes, please.


Ellen Hancock from Girls on Food samples barkTHINS.

If you’re anything like me, once you get a craving for dark chocolate there is just no denying it. Dark chocolate will be had. I get a bit picky about it, though… I hate overly sweet chocolate bars with frightening ingredients. I need the good stuff to satiate my dark chocolate cravings. That’s just the way it is!

Enter… barkTHINS. These self-proclaimed “snacking chocolates” are so good they are hard to stop eating. But at least, they are made with simple and real ingredients! The dark chocolate is rich and smooth and absolutely fixes my craving. They come in several different flavors, all of which have an excellent crunchy texture.


Girls on Food barkTHINS review

Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt tastes the most snack-like out of the flavors. The pretzel chunks give it a lighter texture, and the Sea Salt makes it both savory and sweet.

For more adventurous flavors try the Dark Chocolate Coconut with Almonds or the Dark Chocolate Mint. These flavors seem somewhat seasonal for me. The coconut flavor is a great summery twist, and Mint makes me think of winter. Of course, you can eat them anytime, but it wouldn’t shock me if you said you enjoyed the mint flavor a little more around Christmas time!

And finally… if you are on a mission to ride the dark chocolate train to heaven, you have to go for the Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt. I can’t eat as much of this flavor because it is such an intoxicating blend of goodness. The almond flavor is a bit subtle and simply adds a little nuttiness to a very rich chocolate experience. If you need to get your fix quick, this is the direct route.

So, next time you get that craving now you know where to turn. Let me tell you; it was hard work tasting all of these flavors for you gals, but I do it because I care. Aren’t I generous? 😉

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Growing up in a small town my family never ate out much when I was little. I think because of this my food tastes have remained quite simple throughout my life. I’m not a super adventurous eater, BUT I am a huge fan of simple foods done magnificently well. Give me some good clean eating and balanced flavors, cooked and seasoned to perfection, and I am one happy camper! I believe in eating healthy most of the time, finding good alternatives to trashy foods whenever possible, but ultimately letting all hell loose when it is time to splurge! No one can eat perfectly all the time, and part of the fun in life is sometimes saying screw it! In fact, my boyfriend has given me the nickname Two Desserts because of my penchant for never being able to decide on just one thing on the dessert menu. Sometimes it all just sounds too good! One of my favorite things to do is travel, and what better way to experience a new town than to eat their local fare. I hope to show you around my hometown, my adopted city of LA, and to take you with me when my Gypsy heart pulls me out onto the next great adventure! For less foodie aspects of my adventures, follow along on my blog – A Not So Model Life. Chat soon! Xo