Wiener Wednesday at Beer Bar in Downtown Salt Lake City



Beer Bar is a beer garden style restaurant located in Downtown Salt Lake. It’s unique to Utah with an extensive beer selection and access to the bar next door, Bar-X. Both locations are owned by the same family so step next door where you can pick up specialty cocktails that I promise are some of the best in Utah. Like many restaurants in the SLC, they use locally sourced ingredients to build their menu, which is a beautiful thing. Modern Family star Ty Burrell is a co-owner, and that may have made it cool to go there the first time, but you quickly realize that’s not their selling point.


Beer Bar
161 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 8411

Beer Bar 3
It is the classiest sports bar I’ve ever been to, I’ve never seen such nice Beer Coasters at a beer bar before! I didn’t manage to get a picture of them but they were personized for the bar and gave a really nice touch. They have an insane amount of beers on tap, many of them from local breweries. I started my lunch off with, what else, beer. I’m not the biggest fan of beer but on a warm day, this was the best decision I could have made. I had the Beer X, made at the Bohemian Brewery in Utah. The bartender recommends it for those who drink lite beer and are not usually beer drinkers.

Now to what matters- Wiener Wednesday! The first sausage I had was the Louisiana Hot. It’s a spicy Cajun sausage that I covered in Beer Bar 2
caramelized onions and spicy peppers. I love spicy, and this was spicy. Since they use local products, like buns from Eva’s Bakery, I knew the flavors would melt together in perfect harmony. The perfectly smoked sausage with its crispy outer shell sat in a pillowy bun and it was a beautiful combination. I also ordered a side of double-dipped fries and garlic aioli. While the fries may be some of the best you’ll ever eat, they are not the star. The aioli sauce selection is enough to make you have a full blown panic attack when trying to choose just one. I went with garlic because I am utterly addicted to garlic, and I will never give that up, never. Utahn’s often dip their fries into something call fry sauce, I think it’s a game to see how long until your heart gives out, but that’s for another day. I couldn’t just stop at one sausage.

Beer Bar 1Next up was the Lamb and Herb covered in sauerkraut and chimichurri. This one was by far my favorite. It had such amazing flavor packed into each bite that my taste buds were going crazy in a good way. On this sausage, the perfectly pickled sauerkraut and the perfectly tangy chimichurri, and the hot mustard were all divine.

Beer Bar, in my opinion, is one of the best places to go for a late lunch on weekdays. Service is fast, and they have a pretty unique menu. They have communal dining tables, like something you might encounter in a high school cafeteria for hipsters, in addition to more traditional seating. Again, the classiest sports bar beer garden you’ll ever go to.

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