Big Bangin’ Taste at Big Catch Seafood in West Covina, CA


You had me at “Secret Cajun Sauce”…

Big Catch Seafood
112 Plaza Dr, Suite 1465, West Covina, CA 91790

When we visited Big Catch Seafood, it seems they were slightly understaffed and not expecting a small last minute crowd at 8:30 considering they close at 9 pm. Our host Jeremy was wearing a couple of hats that day, General Manager and Chef. One of his cooks was out due to a new baby arrival (Congrats btw), and Jeremy was covering the kitchen for him. Our waiter, Michael, asked if we wanted to order off the menu or let Jeremy pick for us. My guest ordered the crawfish plate, and I simply ordered… “Surprise me with anything garlicky and spicy please!”

We busied ourselves watching videos on how to properly eat crawfish. About the points, they got to “Twist the head off and suck out the juices” I was incredibly thankful that he ordered the crawfish, and I was pretty sure I was getting something else.

I don’t drink alcohol anymore, but once in a while, I do miss the taste of certain beverages, like a delicious Mojito. Lucky me, they make a super refreshing mojito lemonade there!

image For sides, we had sweet potato fries and a jambalaya fried rice! I’m not a big fan of sweet potato fries, but these were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft inside with the perfect mixture of sweet and salty.

The crawfish presentation alone had me anxious to try them. The beautiful bright color of the crawfish offset by the yellow of the corn on the cob made me excited and festive! Here’s a little secret, though, food turns me on! I’m that girl that wants to giggle and clap when my food comes out if it looks this way! For my entrée “Chef” Jeremy prepared me a humongous, gorgeous plate of crab legs with hidden pieces of corn on the cob and huge chunks of potato. All covered and swimming in a secret Cajun sauce!

Here’s another secret, I am a sauce/condiment queen. Dipping, dunking, and just altogether pampering my food in any luxurious complementary go-along is just heaven for me!
With that said this dish couldn’t have made me happier. Don’t get me wrong crab legs alone are an indulgence. Armed with my bib and cracker, I went to work. I’m not exactly sure what was in the “secret “sauce, but I’ll tell you this… I’m not sure that a tennis shoe wouldn’t be quite enjoyable covered in it!
Well, my dinner date was busy twisting and sucking (yeah I had to), I got to reap the rewards of his work. I’m not sure that I’ve ever tasted crawfish before. It’s a little firmer than shrimp, but similar in taste, and has a beautiful red color. I most definitely see the appeal of big crawfish boil parties!
And here’s another little plus, in case you are a westsider, there is a location in Brentwood on Wilshire Blvd.
You better believe I am hitting that one up soon! However, I will leave you with this, one of my favorite things about eating out is experiencing excellent customer service, and that is exactly what we got! So, even though West Covina isn’t in my backyard, I will be making a trip to visit Jeremy and Michael again for sure!


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