Brittaney Hangs with the Seattle Fish Guys


Seattle Fish Guys
411 23rd Ave S Seattle, WA 98122

When most people think of Seattle, they typically think of grunge and gloom. The second thing you may think of is a gigantic fish being tossed around at Pike Place Market. Imagine a place where you get the same amazing seafood, but in a way less touristy area. That’s Seattle Fish Guys!


img_0260Seattle Fish Guys opened this September in the heart of the Central District. The Guys kicked things off at their grand opening with a lion dance for good luck, a mussel eating contest and free samples for people in the neighborhood. The owners, Sal Panelo and Desiree Chinn, are Seattle natives who believe in high quality seafood and superb customer service.



There’s nothing better than having a neighborhood fish monger, like Sal, with 32 years experience. Their seafood is fresh. One bite of the salmon poke and you’ll fall in love. They have a rotation of oysters, hearty shrimp and crab cocktails. If you need to warm up, they have a fantastic clam chowder. Check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.



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